What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Linkee-poo's OK, I'm alright, I ain't gonna face no defeat

"Fitness tracking is all the rage right now… Fresno Chaffee Zoo, in Fresno, Calif., is taking fitness tracking to a mammoth new level — part of a national project to guard the health and happiness of zoo elephants." Mommy, why is the elephant wearing a fitbit?

"Computer scientists at University College London recently felt a disturbance in the force. They discovered a Twitter botnet – which they think could comprise more than 350,000 accounts – that has tweeted thousands of random quotations from Star Wars novels." While the researchers seem puzzled as they don't know why these accounts were set up, the miss the point that in warfare there are long hours of intense boredom that surround an intense few seconds. Or, just because an army is not on the march does not mean they are not an army waiting to be used. They're just setting up background noise so a casual look a the account will see it has been online for years and during that time it looks innocuous enough.

A Pew Research Center study, "Amid protests and calls for reform, how police view their jobs, key issues and recent fatal encounters between blacks and police." Also tied in with the general public. Wow, look at that disconnect. There's a lot of overlap on some things, though. (Grokked from Annalee Flower Horne)

"At about 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, Republicans moved one step closer to repealing (Obamacare)… By a final vote of 51-48, the Senate approved a budget resolution that sets the stage for broad swaths of the Affordable Care Act to be repealed through a process known as budget reconciliation. The resolution now goes to the House, where leaders are hoping to approve it by the end of the week." I know there's going to be consternation over how they're doing this, but that's a distraction. Be very upset that they're doing this. Again, repeal without a replacement means there will be no replacement. As is being said all throughout my twitter feed, they're voting to kill people. People will die because of this. Call your representatives and senators.

"1. Sherri Dillon of Trump's law firm Morgan Lewis forgot to mention Trump + her firm were hit with $1B fraud lawsuit by Holocaust survivors." And their law firm was once named the law firm of the year… in Russia. Folks, you can't make this shit up. If the Trump people started sporting long mustaches they could twirl it wouldn't be the most outrageous and unbelievable part of these stories.

So, how did the press conference go? "The Trump employees laughed at his jokes and shouted out supportive answers to his rhetorical questions. One even took it upon himself to look over a reporter’s shoulder and ask if he intended to publish the words written on his notepad. When Mr Trump was finished, his acolytes pronounced his performance a resounding success."

"President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday would not let a reporter from CNN ask him a question during a press conference, saying that he worked for a 'fake news' company."

"In any case, welcome to the world of kompromat, America." Or how Russia does blackmail. (Grokked from Ferrett Steinmetz)

Tweet of my heart: @FlynnFan1 @xeni Blu*Cr*ss told me in '05 my breast cancer was a PEC & dropped coverage. I had had them for 10 YEARS at that point.

Most people forget when this was common practice. And it was only 6 years ago.

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