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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Linkee-poo can't stay at home, can't stay in school

Sure, let's just throw it in the ocean. What could happen? "A young whale whose carcass washed up in the Philippines died of 'dehydration and starvation' after consuming 40 kilograms (88 pounds) of plastic bags, scientists have found."

"On April 1, the twin facilities in Louisiana and Washington state that make up the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory will start doing science again after being shut down for more than a year so that workers could install hardware upgrades." Um, guys, we could have picked a better date.

"But, as Gothamist points out, Hudson Yards seemingly claims rights to all such photos of the $200-million giant honeycomb floating above an active train yard, so long as they’re taken in and around the Vessel." This actually isn't all that unusual. Attractions have been claiming rights for a long time (mostly under trademark law, but with some success with copyright law). It looks like they're granting most uses (for personal use), but my guess is they will come down hard on anyone trying to sell photos of the structure.

"In a filing Monday, the SEC said it was 'stunning' that the billionaire business leader had continued to fire off tweets about Tesla without consulting others at the company despite having agreed to a court-ordered settlement requiring him to do so." Elon is gonna Elon, but he might not for long. The main thing here is how tied the corporations are to Elon Musk and if he's tweeting about business. But the fight he's going to have to fight on this might mean a big difference to the rest of us down the road, especially if he loses.

"Vast stretches of the Midwest remained threatened by what the National Weather Service described late Monday as 'major to historic' flooding, even as officials and residents were still grappling with a recent deluge that left three people dead in Iowa and Nebraska." All that water has got to go somewhere.

"An aerial survey of Mozambique's cyclone-hit province shows that a 50km (30 mile) stretch of land is under water, charity Save The Children says… The UN says the storm is possibly the worst weather-related disaster ever to hit the southern hemisphere, the Reuters news agency reports."

"Pegasus (hard rock mine) isn’t an isolated case. Especially in the drought-prone West, the outdated and opaque regulatory system meant to ensure money is available to restore water and land at gold, copper and other hardrock mines often falls short. Regulators with insufficient funding are tasked with cleaning up a mess left years ago by now-defunct companies. The agencies that required those firms to set aside money underestimated how much it would take, in some cases acquiescing to companies pressing for lower amounts." Guess who gets to pay. (Grokked from Xeni Jardin)

"The University of Southern California on Monday said that it had taken action that prevents students who may be associated with an alleged admissions scheme from registering for classes or acquiring transcripts." Okay, I understand stopping them from registering for classes, but I'm not so sure about sealing their transcripts. Unless they also have evidence of social grade inflation (cough*endemic*cough) or some form of bribery within the classroom, their transcript is a record of their performance in the school. Of course, if they got good grade (cough*mostlikely*cough) that could lessen the school's reputation as "academically elite" which would lower both their status as well as alumni gifts. Cause, and I'm saying this without any hard evidence (or willingness) to back it up, elite schools aren't all they're cracked up to be.

"A white suburban police officer goes on trial in Pittsburgh on Tuesday for fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager last summer."

"New Zealand's prime minister declared Tuesday she would do everything in her power to deny the accused mosque gunman a platform for elevating his white supremacist views, after the man dismissed his lawyer and opted to represent himself at his trial in the killings of 50 people."

"Dutch police and prosecutors pressed on Tuesday with their investigation into the motive of a suspect who they believe shot and killed three people and injured five more in an attack on a tram in the central city of Utrecht."

"The Wall Street Journal reports that the National Enquirer’s publisher paid $200,000 to obtain intimate texts between Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his mistress Lauren Sanchez. American Media, the supermarket tabloid’s publisher, reportedly paid that sum to Michael Sanchez, Lauren’s brother."

"GM responded late Sunday to a series of angry tweets from President Donald Trump demanding that the automaker reopen or sell a plant it recently closed because of shifting customer demand." Our stable genius president, everyone.

"A top Robert Mueller prosecutor who handled Michael Flynn’s guilty plea has left the special counsel’s office amid growing signs that the Russia investigation is nearing its end." I just love Kremlinology, don't you?

"The public on Tuesday will see the search warrant and other documents related to last year’s FBI raids on the home and office of Michael Cohen… What we might learn: The origin of the investigation, the timeline of events, what investigators were looking for in their search and other details into the case of President Donald Trump’s former attorney and fixer."

Is the president still tweeting unhinged rants? I haven't looked today.

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