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Monday, April 15, 2019

Linkee-poo will one day have interesting titles again

"Just like on Earth, there is a robust population of microbes and fungi on the International Space Station (ISS) — and a new study catalogues its exact composition." Before you say, "Gross!" I'll just ask when was the last time you wiped your cell phone down with a sanitizer, or your tv remote?

"'Snowball chamber' helps researchers use supercooled water to search for dark matter." The problem not discussed here is how do you differentiate between types of matter that create the ice crystals.

"The world's largest plane by wingspan took its first flight on Saturday above the Mojave Desert in California."

"Extinction Rebellion: Climate change protesters block London roads."

"For kids with anxiety, parents learn to let them face their fears." Yes, Virginia, preparing children for adulthood is an actual process, not something that happens naturally. The article details this, on how parents can help and it's not throwing the kids "in the deep end". This is parenting.

"Lyft-owned bike-sharing services are removing electric bikes from their respective fleets in New York, Washington and San Francisco citing safety concerns. Citi Bike, Capital Bikeshare, and Ford GoBike recalled the e-bikes after 'a small number' of users experienced 'stronger than expected braking force on the front wheel.'"

"Police have made an arrest in the brutal beating Friday of a transgender woman that's being classified as a hate crime. It occurred in broad daylight in front of a crowd of people and was caught on cellphone video."

"Arivaca, Ariz., is a tiny village, population around 700… and has become a magnet for self-styled militia groups from out of state who say they want to patrol the border and stop migrants. Their presence has put strains on a town that has long prided itself on its live-and-let-live, cooperative spirit."

"A plan under consideration by President Trump to transfer detained immigrants to 'sanctuary cities' should be viewed as an overture to Democrats, not political retribution, a White House spokesman said on Sunday." Jesus these people are bad at this.

"Republicans on Capitol Hill are raising alarms at the White House's resistance to congressional demands, fearing President Donald Trump is bolstering the power of his office at the expense of Congress." Hey guys, there's a way you could fix that.

"As the Trump administration lurches from usurpation to usurpation, shattering foundational practices of American democracy, the Democrats have yet to craft a coherent response. One possibility lies in the fact that among the public there appears to be consensus on three key norms: Power should be divided and accountable; all public officials, including the president, are subject to the rule of law; and government service is a public trust, not a private opportunity." An opinion piece that basically states that we need to get back to the rule of law. Also how a lot of our behavior is guided by norms and the honor system, not codified laws. As in other areas it's mostly the bad behavior of a few (or one) that brings about new laws which constrain everyone. It takes someone to show that not everyone can be trusted to behave normally.

"Special counsel Robert Mueller's report is expected to arrive this week. Whether it wafts in like a feather or falls to Earth like an asteroid, here's what you need to know." In case you need to get caught up.

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