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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Linkee-poo is walking a line, visiting houses in motion

Well, not exactly a coherent or complete list, but then I'm working my tail feathers off. Still. Also, I should be studying, but haven't found the time.

Mary Robinette Kowal shares one of the debut author issues. Haters gonna hate.

The free people of Syria want us to know they're with us. Now if we could only be with them more. (Grokked from WannabeWriter06)

Back when the Tea Party was finally deciding the deficits do make a difference, and that they had already given up enough of their freedoms and didn't want them back, there was this economics paper circulating that said that high public debt correlated to low GDP growth. It was touted everywhere and often about why countries, including the US, should immediate start austerity programs. Only it turns out the paper's authors made a mistake in Excel. Oppsie. And once that mistake was corrected for the correlation was a lot murkier to the point of being non-existant. There were also a few other problems with the data set which essentially ignored or minimized any evidence to the contrary. (Heard on NPR, but that like was grokked from Jay Lake)

Sometimes, Senior, the bull… he no lose. Jay Lake gets the full DNA test results back. Fuck cancer. Also, two posts by Jay about how to talk to someone in his situation. Be honest. Listen well. Don't avoid.

You know that study showing organic food not having any health benefit (for certain values of "health")? Well, not so much for fruit flies. Which, of course, measured different values of "health." Strange that.

Aquageddon. Those pesky facts and really are messing up the conservative narrative again. I mean, if there's no global warming, those islands in Chesapeake Bay shouldn't be disappearing. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

"In Australia, which began use of the HPV vaccine in 2007, cases of genital warts in young women aged 12 - 26 dropped 59 percent, and 39 percent for men. Not only that, but cervical abnormalities dropped as well—a glimmer of hope that for these vaccinated women, their chance of getting cervical cancer is dropping as well." Can't have that here, though. 'Cause of the sex. Because the chances of getting HPV has decreased the amount of pre-marital sex so much.

Why do we have taxes. Why let a little history get in the way of a good conservative 10th Amendment myth. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

"The Texas fertilizer plant that suffered a massive explosion had not been subject to an OSHA inspection for many years. The current American obsession with deregulation and ending inspections has claimed yet more victims, as The Nation shows. And Texas has also cut funding for first responders like firemen." Yet more freedom for all those people who lost family and their houses. We don't need no stinking regulations or funding first responders, I'm sure the free market will take care of it all. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

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