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Continual crisis!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random thoughts

So, last night I had several intense dreaming sessions. This is unusual for me as I don't often remember my dreams. Last night there were three dreams about writing. Not of me actually writing, or stories I would like to write, or hitting the lottery as a semi-famous writer, but three dreams about carving out time to write and constantly being thwarted. I have had a few hours here and there where I could write. Mostly I stared at the screen and tinkered around the edges of things.

Friday was the first time I messed up on the schedule. I forgot to bring home the hard drive with all my work on it. Fortunately there was enough work in email to complete the week with 40 hours.

The reboot is stumbling a little. For one class I'm pretty sure I'll get an A without too many issued. The positioning class I'm again struggling right at the border line between B and A. And I think for clinicals I'm smack in the mille of a B. Clinicals is where I'm really struggling. About a month ago I had a talk with one of the tech about how I was doing. And from that talk I stepped back a little from the course I was on (see the technique, pre-comp, and then try for comp) and worked on the basics, getting a rhythm, and just tightening up my skills. For the past week and a half I've tried to get back into finishing up comps (this summer's schedule is going to make it tough, and I want to start with a few in the bag). It didn't go well. But last Thursday was actually very good. Hopefully the next few weeks will see breakthrough.

For some reason this year is a banner year for freelancing. I have two new clients, one of which is a recurring customer (I've already completed two jobs for them since the beginning of the year, and I have a feeling there's a lot more being lined up). Both of these came through word of mouth from other clients. And now that I've knocked those projects out, there's two more in the wings from my existing customer base (recurring projects on schedules).

Still trying to figure out how I'm going to get yard work done during the early summer.

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