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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And that's a wrap

So, took the ARRT registry today. And the result is… (this is the point in most reality TV shows where they take a fake pause to heighten tension and splice in footage of both sides of the decision making process that were very obviously taken at other times during the show by the goofy look on everyone's faces, but they needed to add footage here because there really wasn't any pause in real life) … 96%. Booyea!

I can haz RT(R) now?

RT(T) means I can work as a regular radiological technologist taking x-rays of patients.

So that's what it's all been leading to. Well, actually there's a lot more work to come (finishing up the licensing process with ARRT, getting the final blessing, getting the Ohio State licensure - which is an automatic with ARRT certification, but still requires paperwork). And then this Fall we start on getting the RT(CT) (computed tomography, which the natives call CAT Scan). While there are more comps to do for CT than for R, there's a lot less coursework. And CTs are often scheduled procedures which makes it easier to schedule in to get those comps (for the regular RT, you kinda take them as they come).

I might do another post on just how insane this whole thing has been (I have an app to keep track on when I was working where, and it's mostly been registering on the 74-80 hours per week since January, with a break between Spring and Summer semesters - that's before I add in mandatory lunch time, commute time, and coursework/study time).

How shall we fill the empty spaces?

I know I'll do some posts on what all I've learned. These won't be technical (I don't think), but more along the lines of my post "I'm sorry, dear."

Would I do it all again? I'm not sure. This has nearly killed me more than once. But I've done some good work, I'm met some cool people, I've grown tremendously. But it's a hellalotta time, energy, and money. I think if I were a few years older I wouldn't have made it. On the other hand, I think I've found something I like as much as design. It's not the same love, but I think it could become similar. The plus side is that except for seeing stupid things on TV shows (seriously, producers, gets some consultants) it doesn't interfere too much in real life (for those of you who have sat through my discourses on design in the wild, you know what I'm talking about).

So, at least for this one, all that's left is the party and filling out paperwork. Did I mention the 24 hrs of CEU every two years?

Now if you all will excuse me, I'm going to go collapse in a corner.


Gristle McThornbody said...

Steve, I've been sitting on this comment trying to come up with something that does your achievement justice, and I can't do any better than CONGRATULATIONS!!! After all you've been through it seems too little, but it's heartfelt. Way to go.

I hadn't read your post "I'm sorry, dear" until today, and it would be wonderful if everyone who has to go through heinous medical procedures gets medical personnel who are even half as compassionate and empathetic as you are. Again, congrats!

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Yay. Your hard work has pulled you through. If only half my students had your dedication my life would be so much easier.

Dr. Phil