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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Word Crimes

For all my writer friends out there…

Just keep in mind that B, C, R, U are words, not letters
Get it together. Please use spell checker.
You should never write words using numbers, unless you're seven… or Prince.
I love you, Weird Al. Just saying.

Not only is the song great, the animation is fantastic. It's a send-up on so many levels. Genius.

A big hat tip to Sheila. Thanks.


vince said...

I love this! I'm a huge "Weird Al" fan, and have been for years.

Steve Buchheit said...

Me too. Of course, now I'm watching what I'm typing and double-proofing everything.

And, yes, I post this as a frequent practitioner of the #GrammarFail.

Eric said...

The "Weird Al" (his quotes, not mine, mnah) fan in me loves it, but the descriptivist in me wants to send him a letter pointing out that the use of "literally" to mean "figuratively" goes back at least as far as Sir Walter Scott (if I remember correctly) and actually is an accepted, if controversial, proper usage.

Steve Buchheit said...

Eric, well, most things we accept as "proper grammar" (like not dangling your participles) really aren't much more than a bunch of self-appointed police actions by a few. English, as a language, is exceptionally plastic for both diction and the written species. It still doesn't make the song (or that piece of the animation) any less funny. Also, in popular culture at least, there appears to be a call to arms around the figurative/literal debate. It might be a rear-guard action, but there is a healthy legion who will fight to the death over it. I can laugh at them, too.