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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Linkee-poo, and all this science I don't understand, it's just my job five days a week

Dunning-Kruger and how people who believe in innate intelligence often over estimate their own. How did I get good grades (this last time at school)? Because I came at every test with the attitude, "I'm unprepared, I don't know this material well enough, and I probably can't learn it all in time." And that kept me studying. Although I'll admit near the end I did succumb to procrastination.

Programmable magnets. Okay, then. So it's really a polymer printing that customizes the magnetic fields where for a single magnet you can have the N and S poles on the same plane.

"The evidence that alcohol has any benefit on longevity or heart health is thin, says Dr. Timothy Naimi, a physician and epidemiologist at Boston Medical Center." What? Okay, yeah, most of us could see this coming. Repeat after me, "correlation does not imply causation". But in medicine, it's often mistaken for it (note the mention of LDL vs HDL levels as well). Especially when someone's economic interest is at stake. Another reason I'll tell you our "scientific" medicine isn't very scientific at all. It's just sold to you that way. But, better than dying in the gutter, eh?

"And now the doctors are telling us that meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy often work better than pain meds and other medical treatments for chronic back pain… It's the latest in a series of studies saying that low-tech interventions like exercise, posture training, physical therapy and just the passage of time work better than opioids, imaging or surgery for the vast majority of people with chronic back pain." Well, some times of back pain, and yes, this is some current research that pain meds and surgery don't often help (and sometimes surgery can make it worse, again, everyone is different, there's a lot of things that cause back pain, some of which surgery is the most viable solution, check with your doctor). Actually what the research shows is chronic back pain is often transitory pain, that is you have periods of intense pain that subside after a few minutes. What the research shows is if you train a patient to understand pain, accept that there will be pain but it will pass, you can avoid some of the consequences of pain. The worst thing is to be fearful of the pain, so you hold yourself in rigid positions trying to avoid it. But doing that can exacerbate the problem and cause other pains and muscle-skeletal problems (like bad hips and knees). If you can accept that pain will be there, but know nothing you can do will change it and you just need to wait a moment for it to pass, you will be better off (because keeping in motion is a vital skill). Again, not everyone's back pain is the same or caused by the same problems. This solution may not work for you.

From the horse's mouth, the war on drugs was designed to disrupt the communities and leadership of the left and people of color. It was an extension of Nixon's Southern Strategy and was (for the most part) promoted and pushed through as a way to disarm potential political opponents. (Grokked from Jim Wright)

Oh look, the VA "Fix" doesn't work either. For reasons of 1) Congress rushed it through to look like they were working hard and 2) they outsourced it. And while the article doesn't mention it, because it was outsourced I'm sure all the money is gone.

The GOP response to Brussels, we gotta be more internally divisive and spy on all those weird* people in our midst. *Weird for them means not WASPish enough. Oh, and President Obama needs to come back form Cuba right now. Because reasons. (Grokked from Jim Wright)

The Cruz campaign sure knows how to pick them. And this guy is supposedly the "rational" alternative to the Trumpster. Gods help us.

And the GOP candidate scandal in the US Virgin Islands just keeps getting weirder. (Grokked from Dan)

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