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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Linke-poo has felt the coldness of my winter

Just wanted to let you know early that this Summer is going to be filled with an unpredictable schedule where I know there will be weeks where I will be unable to post and other times of extended irregular posting. At this point I don't have plans to stop blogging (although I have discussed it with people as a way to claw back time to devote to writing novels). I need to let out all these thoughts and if I stifle them it'll be worse for me. But, I'm not Jay Lake, who was prodigious in person and output (and a damn fast reader). So if it looks like this blog is going dark, just know that I will be back. May and July are looking particularly shaky with time availability. Sorry.

So, how about that snow, eh?

Scrivener for iOS goes to limited beta. Let's see, my iPad is 4 years old, purchased in anticipation of Scrivener on iOS. So it's been a long wait. (Grokked from Chia Evers)

Mary Robinette Kowal owns up to her April Fools prank. As someone who watched it unfold on twitter, I can say, well done, Mary, well done. Stands and salutes. And yes, I saw her misdirection and for about two or three minutes I believed it, but then remembered the past years' April Fools pranks and figured it would be within her wheelhouse to do this and play it this way. But still, highly entertaining and mind/experience expanding. You brought a smile to my face on an otherwise dreary work day. You're an inspiration.

There are so many things wrong with this story. First of all is the angle of the story, that a father would kill his son for being gay. Not that it's a wrong assumption, but is about one of eight things going on here. Okay, so if the father killed the son (with a shotgun) for being gay, then who killed the mother (stabbing)? I would assume they'll charge the father with both (because given the dynamic in the house, it would be within the realm of possibility). That the father is 69 and the son is 29, and the son was still living at home (okay, that can happen), but the parents were in the process of evicting the son (also possible), and the house was trashed (also possible), but all together is a train wreck of a family dynamic. But there's no exploration of those, just that the father is charged with a hate crime.

One of the links that got ate in yesterday's brain malfunction. Elon Musk unveils the Tesla 3. Many pundits have said that the only way he could produce his car for less than $50,000 is if he sold tens of thousands. The Tesla 3 is listed at $35,000, and they had preorders over 100k before the launch (Saturday morning there are rumors preorders are now over 230k). That'll do, pig, that'll do.

Egypt is bringing in the experts to examine of King Tut's Tomb may have another tomb behind it. Which is good, because to access those areas would mean removing some of the walls (with their hieroglyphs and bas-reliefs) to find out. That's a serious endeavor that would forever alter the original tomb (and potential tourist and academic dollars). (Grokked from Mrs. Tadd)

Google's Project Loon. Ah, the old ballon-as-wireless-internet-tower gag. (Grokked from Robert J Bennett)

"Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley's (R) campaign committee spent a whopping $1,732.68 on 'cell phones and prepaid wireless' at a Best Buy in 2015, according to campaign finance reports acquired by" I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for all those burner phones.

The just never learn. Mississippi is next up on the "religious liberty bill" chopping block. And the same day their ban on same-sex adoptions was struck down. It's just particularly tone-deaf.

This is how the conservatives build their infrastructure to support their detrimental policies and give them the imprimatur of legitimacy. They fund colleges and think tanks that can do the heavy lifting. This is the structure that launches people like John Yoo (who wrote the legal opinion that water-boarding isn't actually torture) into public life.

"Meanwhile, Ted Cruz has been whipping Trump in the quiet, early race to elect his own loyalists to become delegates to the convention, meaning that the Texas senator could triumph through delegates who are freed to vote their own preferences on a second ballot, regardless of who won their state." Been hearing a lot of whispers about this. Cruz has been putting his own people forward as delegates so while they nominally need to vote Trump on the first ballot, they'll switch to Cruz quicker than you can say "switcheroo". See, it still is controlled by backroom deals. (Grokked from John Scalzi)

"Should Mr. Trump lurch into the convention so fatally compromised with general election voters and a sizable faction of Republicans, it could make it easier for the party to wrest the nomination away from him. But it would also make the consequences of failing to defeat him all the more ruinous if the specter of choosing a seemingly unelectable nominee does not deter Mr. Trump’s supporters." While I think the Trumpster would be a yuuge liability to the Republicans this Fall, it all hinges on if the Democrats can leverage the emotions against him into votes at the polls. Something they're not always good at. It involves tying the GOP to the views of their candidate, which the "elite" of the GOP are frantically building space between them and Trumpster. And there are plenty of Republicans who will hold their nose and vote for him to keep Hillary out of the White House. (Grokked from Jason Sanford)

Tweet of my heart: @LaurenDeStefano a writer's brain is like a chrysalis filled with thousands of shining idea butterflies and their wings are made of razors and they punch you

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