And they come with no warning,
nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Linkee-poo for the weekend

Fuck cancer. More and more people are sharing their journey through cancer on social media. Which, IMHO, is a lot better than when I first encountered the word is a whisper.

So the conservative causes that have found themselves on the fuzzy end of the lollipop stick when it comes to the SCOTUS vacancy are now saying, "DO OVER." "The challengers in a Supreme Court case that sought -- and failed -- to cripple public unions are asking the high court to rehear the case once it has a ninth justice, after the court's 4-4 tie in March meant a lower court ruling against them would stand." Kinda sucks when your own ideology torpedoes your own ideology.

Angry people in local (UK) papers. In other news, Florida man… (Grokked from Xeni)

More on the GOP's fight to disenfranchise as many voters who vote "wrong" in their eyes. Anyone still doubting which side is against democracy? Hey ho way to go Ohio. (Grokked from Jim Wright)

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