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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Linkee-poo feels summer creepin' in and I'm tired of this town again

Because all the cool kids are talking about it, the Rogue One trailer drops. (Grokked from John Scalzi)

Eschersketch. Okay, there goes a few lunches. Say, can I get that in vector? (Grokked from John)

"We are asked to admire what our people once viewed as unforgiveable. The consumption-driven mind-set masquerades as 'quality of life' but eats us from within." Terri Windling shares her research on the Windigo which hunts us from the starving times.

"… WebMD spokesperson said, 'The strict editorial practices we have in place ensure that the content we produce is unbiased, and the production of such content done so independent of third party control or influence.' …In 2010, Sen. Chuck Grassley sent a letter to the site after finding that a WebMD quiz for depression, sponsored by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, was rigged to suggest everybody who took the test was at risk for major depression. Naturally, that would make them a potential candidate for antidepressants, conveniently manufactured by Eli Lilly." Plus all the other problems I've had on that site and that pretty much encapsulates why I no longer look at WebMD for information. I'm sure the free market will sort this all out. (Grokked from John)

There is no greater promise than this, we will bring you home. NPR has been running stories of repatriating US soldiers killed in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir and identifying their remains so families have closure. No, you're crying.

"Searching for 'unprofessional hairstyles' and 'professional hairstyles' on Google Images exposes a stark racial divide in what's assumed to be appropriate for business settings." Yeah, you can probably see where that train wreck is coming, can't you. But even the deeper data is pretty revealing.

You know wasps make their nests out of paper pulp. So what happens when you supply them with colored paper for their nest building material. Pretty. And in other wasp nest news, they'll use anything to form their nests, including a mask left in a shed. Well that won't give me nightmares. (Both grokked from John)

Big seed. Where you're food comes from, now only fewer options and bigger money behind them.

"California's dental health system for the poor is dysfunctional, according to a report by a bipartisan oversight commission… The department that runs Denti-Cal draws only part of the blame, according to the report. The legislature, the governor's office, and the political culture of California share culpability for decades of neglect and strategic misdirection." What could possibly go wrong? Actually it reminds me of this Simpsons Episode, the Big Book of British Smiles.

"The state House on Wednesday passed a bill that would allow counselors to deny services to individuals based on sincerely held beliefs, letting them refuse to help gay individuals." It's almost like there's some sinister plot going on. Or some progrom.

Well, someone thinks the Trumpster's immigration plans don't go far enough. "'I suspect that a good chunk of (remittance payments to Mexico/Central America) is laundered drug money,' the Iowa representative (Steve King) said in a Newsmax interview." Can we just label him a blatant racist now and ignore the little fucker?

"'As a result of these violations, numerous Ohioans have been disenfranchised in recent elections (through voter record purging), and many more face the threat of disenfranchisement in the 2016 Presidential Election and future elections,' the (Federal lawsuit) said." Do I need to explain which party controls Ohio's government? "According to the complaint, Ohio operates two separate systems for removing voters from its registration rolls. The first, the 'National Change of Address' Process, removes voters based on change of addresses filed with the U.S. Postal Service… the lawsuit mainly focuses on what it is known as the Supplemental Process, which kicks in when a voter doesn't vote in a series of elections… In Cuyahoga County alone, the complaint said, some 40,000 voters were removed from the rolls in 2015 through the Supplemental Process, even though there was no evidence they had not moved to a new jurisdiction… Many of these voters showed up for the November 2015 election only to find out they were no longer registered to vote, the complaint said, and thus were unable to participate in that election." Again, Republicans are reliable voters who always show up. The "they didn't vote recently" laws are specifically targeted against those who vote Democratic.

More on the Wisconsin Voter ID disclosure.

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