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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Linkee-poo doesn't know why I came here at all

Apparently there is drama at Worldcon.

"The evidence for African migrants in Bronze Age–Medieval Britain — a storified twitter thread." Yep.

"The irony of the daughter of a billionaire presidential nominee declining to pay the female staff she uses to promote her lifestyle blog‚ which champions working women, was not lost on social media users." So the Trumps will bring jobs back to the US, but they'll be unpaid internships. And apparently the tweet announcing the article was accompanied by emojis of black women, because it wasn't worse enough already (or maybe this was the "Help, I'm being held in a Fortune Cookie Factory" moment).

"The impact of the flood is still ongoing; floodwaters are draining south and still rising in some areas." The floods in Louisiana continue to cause damage.

SO you may be wondering what the big deal it was with Cliven Bundy grazing his cattle and why the government may want to control access to those lands? Well, here's the real story about the land and the people it actually belongs to. See, much of the "give it back to the States" line is complete bullshit. It never was the "State's" land. And if you want to "revert to the original owners" there's a bunch of Tribes who would like you to do that as well (although, for the most part, they don't have the money to administer the land).

"A man who identified himself as half-Indian was escorted out of a Donald Trump rally on Thursday out of concern that he was a protester, but the man insisted he was a Trump supporter and said he feels that he was racially profiled." Yeah, I'm sure it's not because he's brown. (Grokked from Wesley Chu)

I half-joked yesterday when the news came out about Paul Manafort's resignation from the Trump Campaign that I hope they were watching the airports. "The Justice Department and the FBI are conducting a wide-ranging investigation into allegations of corrupt dealings by the government of former Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych, including the hiring of Washington lobbyists for the regime by former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, a senior law enforcement official confirmed to Yahoo News." I was only half-joking. And yes, I'm sure the FBI investigating him is just because of opposition research. Because, you know, the government likes to spend a lot of money pursuing political goals (yes, I know this is a favorite bugbear used by both sides, but they really don't). (Grokked from Xeni Jardin)

And the new guy isn't much better. "Over the past few several years, however, Bannon has also chaired a shadowy nonprofit group in Tallahassee, Florida called the 'Government Accountability Institute.' Its president is Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, the 2015 HarperCollins bestseller that purported to reveal corruption and self-dealing at the Clinton Foundation. Found to contain many errors and distortions, the book was described in mainstream news outlets as 'widely discredited' by the time Trump cited it in a speech attacking the Clintons last spring… A close look at Bannon, Schweizer, and the GAI reveals that their complaints about the Clinton Foundation represent a textbook example of what psychologists call 'projection' — that is, attributing their own questionable behavior and motives to someone else, such as a political adversary." This has happened so often I'm beginning to think of this as "classic conservative." (Grokked from Vince O'Conner)

"'Despite our differences, Americans from all walks of life must unite behind Trump and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence or suffer dire consequences,' (Jerry Falwell Jr.) wrote." Hey, let's not try to threaten people, okay. Oh, hated your dad and you look like you didn't drop far from his nether regions. Please feel free to go back into obscurity.

"What the hell do you have to lose." Great talking point there, Trumpie.

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