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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Linkee-poo, don't give me no hand-me-down world, I've got one already

"The Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts were sent packing before the teams could even take the field in Canton, Ohio (for the Hall of Fame Game). At issue was paint on the midfield logo and in the end zones that hardened and raised anxieties that players might slip and suffer injuries." (insert unintelligible mutterings here) What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is a going on here?! Remember when it was just chalk? Remember when they didn't have artwork at centerfield (or end zones)? Come on Canton, it's like you're making it hard to be a fan of the Hall of Fame (don't get me started on the "Hall of Fame Village" concept and what it's doing to one of the neighborhoods in Canton or how they've "expanded" the schedule of the week to try and squeeze as much money as they can.

PR 101, when caught in a lie, capitulate fully, expose everything at once flooding the news, show contrition. Or, you could do what VW is doing and have everything drag out over a long time period. Apparently, which finally admitting to the "mistake" of "rogue software" on their 2 liter engines, there are some "secret" programs on their 3 liter engines as well. (Grokked from Dan)

"But most (peat) stays where it is, and because it accumulates carbon over such a long time, it contains more carbon than is in all the world’s trees and plants… Like forests, peatlands are threatened by climate change. Warming temperatures can dry out bogs, making them more susceptible to fires, and to deeper, more intense burning. A peat fire, which can smolder like a cigarette for months, can release a lot of carbon." (Grokked from Paolo Bacigalupi)

"A new study suggests that low-income people living in states with Obamacare's Medicaid expansion are healthier than those in states without it, the New York Times reported. The study's authors — who published their results in JAMA Internal Medicine Monday — were hesitant to say that Medicaid expansion prompted the results, the Times said, but the low-income people surveyed in expansion states Kentucky and Arkansas reported feeling healthier than those in Texas, a non-expansion state." Funny that. "While the 19 non-expansion states would spend a total of $75.9 billion if they expanded Medicaid with moderate enrollment because of the increase in caseloads, that money would be matched by $568.5 billion in federal funds. The states, meanwhile, would save $21.8 billion in uncompensated costs, while the U.S. government would save $129.1 billion in reductions in federal subsidies on exchanges, along with its own $34.9 billion saved in uncompensated care." And now you know why the conservatives want to kill it, because it's actually saving money.

"For nearly 40 years, Hotez has crusaded against parasitic worms, a sometimes lonely job. They affect nearly 1.5 billion people on the planet, making children too sick to go to school and adults too sick to work. But there's been a lack of funding and interest for research into treatments."

Man arrested after killing another man by firing a "warning shot" from his house. Just in general, while I don't know the law in NC, in most places firing a "warning shot" is not the law and is, in fact, a crime in and of itself (discharge of a firearm and aggravated menacing). That the guy who fired the shot is being held without bail is a good sign that justice may actually happen in this case.

"The art of good headline writing and image selection in order to get someone to click and go to a website is usually called 'clickbaiting,' but I think we should call it 'bullshit curation.' And this primary, the bullshit curators made a massive cottage industry out of your desire to read nasty things about Hillary Clinton. So much so that people still believe things that are patently untrue." Yep, seeing a heckofa lotta that this cycle. And it's soaking up a good deal of time reading all the bullshit. Serious signal to noise issues. (Grokked from Ferrett Steinmetz)

"One analysis of three distinct data sets… found that people who were more open to experience… were more likely to show a high level of interest in politics, to report following politics, to be politically informed, and to engage in political discussions. Extraverts were likely to engage in political discussions, but not so likely to be politically informed. More surprisingly, people who were highly conscientious (e.g., organized, responsible) were neither particularly informed nor interested in politics, and those who were highly agreeable… had a modest but consistent tendency to avoid political matters." Have I shown you a picture of my desk. I have it right here under all this crap on my desk. Also, just a reminder that as the Now Cast on 538's site puts Trump at less than 5% chance of winning, we are still below 50% of eligible voters paying attention to the election.

"Donald Trump on Monday peddled largely uncontroversial Republican economic plans during a major policy address in Detroit—but he also pushed a slew of falsehoods about the health of the American economy." Yawn. Okay, so we do all know that Trumpster's business plan is to screw over the little guy and declare bankruptcy when it looks like you'd have to actually pay for something, right?

So, the Trumpster came to my old stomping grounds to have a fundraiser. Note, I drive by that club on the way to my Mom's house. Very snooty, for no real good reason. But it's hosted by Jane and Tim Timken. Let me give you a little hometown knowledge of this couple. Timken was very big in Canton. There was a high-school named in their honor, one of the hospitals bears their name as well as the huge factory that made Canton, Ohio a prime-strike target in almost everyone's nuclear war plans. The Timken's parents were staunch proponents of their home town and refused to move the factory and they were very public about their dedication to keep manufacturing of ball bearings in Canton (they do have a world-wide operation). The very day after Old Lady Timken died, Jr announced he was moving manufacturing out of NE Ohio (much of the factory right off I-77 is empty now). Fuck them, fuck Trump and his "we're going to bring manufacturing back" lie. (Grokked from Dan)

"After months ago promising he would tone down his rhetoric as part of a more 'presidential' general election pivot, Donald Trump on Tuesday said that it doesn't make any sense for him to change his strategy now that he's 'winning.'" You go with your crazy self. Although it's apparent that someone else is handling his twitter account, and someone else is writing his speeches, it's not known exactly how long that will last (my guess is only when the cameras are on). Oh, and how's that winning thing going?

"The parents of two Americans killed in the 2012 attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, on Monday sued Hillary Clinton for allegedly contributing to their sons’ deaths by using a private email server during her tenure in the State Department." Okay, so when this is tossed out by a Federal Judge will that end this fixation on nonexistent issues? I appreciate the family is in pain over their loss and that the world they're in only contributes to their feelings of frustration and unfairness. However, "Klayman, who filed the suit on the parents' behalf, is known for his activist style of lawyering. He sued the Clintons repeatedly in the 1990s and filed a petition in 2014 to have President Barack Obama, who he insists is an 'illegal alien,' deported from the U.S."

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