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Sunday, September 28, 2008

ConClave Schedule

For those of you going to ConClave 33 in Romulus/Detroit next weekend, you'll get a chance to watch me face plant fly strong in my first outing as a panelist. And, apropos of the tradition, my schedule:

8pm-9pm Apollo
Fantasy of Mythology with Steven Climer, Ida Briggs, and Dave Klecha. Where we will wax rhapsodic about about more than the Hero's Journey and Celtic influences (hopefully).

10am-11am Atlantis
Writer's Workshop: Open Writer Q&A with M. Keaton, Merrie Haskell, Dave Klecha, Jim Hines, and Ferrel "Rick" Moore. I believe I'm the junior member here, so I'll probably be taking as many notes as I try to regurgitate all the advice I'd ever received. First rule of Write Club, all members must write.

3pm-4pm Atlantis
Authors Who Edit with Christie Halle Devlin, and Ferrel "Rick" Moore. Joining a professional writer's group has been the best thing for my writing. Oh sure, I get good advice from the others, but the most I've learned is from editing others and hearing others critique their works.

4pm-5pm Br8
Gee, I wish I thought of that. Where do writers get their ideas? with Tiffany Aaron, Merrie Haskell, and Daniel J. Hogan. How many ways can you say, "I have no friggin' clue" in an entertaining way? I guess I'll find out. :)

10am-1pm Br7
What?! You don't pick your own cover art? with Michelle Sagara, Tiffany Aaron, Jim Hines, M. Keaton, Daniel J. Hogan, and William Jones. Well, here's where I bring my non-writing talents to bear. First issue, you've sold your book, it isn't solely yours anymore.

3pm-4pm Br7
Dialogue: How to Make Your Characters Talk Like You Do with Tiffany Aaron, Michelle Sagara, Michael LaFlamme, Michael Poe, and Gary Braunbeck. I'm told I give good dialog. Here we'll see how much I can dazzle with fast footwork or baffle them with the other things.

So, there you have it. Come on by and say hello if you're in town. See if I collapse in a ball of quivering jelly by Saturday Night's bar crawl.


Jim C. Hines said...

They're certainly putting panelists to work this year. I doubt you'll be the only one jellied by Saturday night.

See you this weekend!

Steve Buchheit said...

Jim, yeah. I've been looking at a few other people's panel lists and thinking, "Wow, aren't we the busy bunch." The good thing about this being my first time is that there are plenty of cool people I know that I'm sharing panels with.

camillealexa said...

Cool! You'll do great, yo.

Steve Buchheit said...

Camille, thanks for the confidence. I hope I at least speak loudly enough (for a big guy, I have a soft voice, and the softer it gets, the more people should run from me). I know how to project, I just hope I don't lose my voice by mid afternoon Sat.

And I can't get my research done. Just got another freelance commission (which needs to be done soon).