What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, September 5, 2008

Some More Random Things (maybe I should call myself Random Steve from now on)

Most bestest SPAM headline EVAR?! "Shofar Blowout."
::falls on floor laughing::

Still sick, it's moved to my chest and I'm coughing more than sneezing (cough is from drainage, not in my lungs).

Does anybody else find it cute when the talking heads on Fox News bash "the media" for not covering "these stories" or for never talking about "these issues"? Clue-bat to Fox News, you are "the media." By talking about it, you can't claim the media isn't talking about it. Duh! (said with 3 syllables) And after the roll-outs at the campaign, the Right continues in their persecution complex and pre-emptively fires off that the "liberal media" is attacking them. Uh, yeah, seriously, there's drugs that can help with that.

In case you didn't see The Daily Show Wednesday night or the Thursday replays (when I catch it) you missed something special. Cool guy and all around hoopy frood Dave Kletcha has a clip over on his LJ blog. Check it out.

Also cool guy Matt Staggs informs the sad crowd that he's no longer going to do his linkfest of love he called bookosphere. He says it takes too much time. Fair cop. But I'm going to miss it (like I have the time to read all those links). Thankfully we still have Jay Lake's link salad.

Way too many of my friends have had sales lately, and I'm remiss in calling them all out. Mer, Todd, Sam, and everybody else, I'm a bad blog friend. Sorry about that. While I'm catching up, my favorite littlebird Camille continues to blaze a trail through the writing and publishing business and posting about "slushdates."

Also, brain on fire from a comment. Have written a hundred plus words of potential rewrite of story. It might make the story more kick ass (as long as it keeps going).


Random Michelle K said...

Watch it there! You're starting to infringe upon MY territory!

Go drink orange juice and then hide under the covers.

Todd Wheeler said...

Ditto. Rest and feel better, man. Your muse will understand.

Steve Buchheit said...

Random Michelle, you're my inspiration, you know. :) Plus, I no longer live in West By God, so our territories are a few hundred miles apart.

Thanks, Todd. I slept in till almost 12:30 (I was up several times over night, one of these days I'll relearn how to sleep the night through). Feeling a little better.