What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fairy Tales Redux

Working through the backlog of blog posts, realizing I missed the deadline for a few short fiction calls (like Jeff VanderMeer's curiosity cabinet thing, damn, and I had some good ideas for that, I hope some of you took advantage of it).

But, wait, here's one from Jim Hines. Cats Curious Press is doing another double story fairy tale book like what Jim did last year for Red Riding Hood.

The story needs to be a humorous retelling of a fairy tale (just not Little Red's). That's a lot of material to choose from. However, brain is currently stuck in Neil Gaimen's retelling of Snow White, "Snow, Apple, Glass."

Lack of sleep. I blame lack of sleep. But hey, there it is. Giving the shout out about it.

And I just realize that the deadline for this Qtrs Writer's of the Future is THURSDAY. Crap on a stick. Wonder if I'll be able to rewrite "Grace" in time.

Hey, look, it's a post about writing. Haven't done that for ages. Feels good, like a pair of old sneakers.


Elizabeth said...

At least WOTF takes e-subs now, so you have until midnight Pacific time.

mattw said...

I submitted to Jeff Vandermeer's cabinet of curiosities thing after seeing it here. He ended up getting around 300 entries and taking less than 30. Sadly I wasn't one of those 30.

Steve Buchheit said...

Elizabeth, I know. I don't think I can get them done by then. Tonight I'm running errands that have piled up in the past two weeks (first time available - last Friday I ran different errands). Tomorrow is class, again. Which puts it mostly on Thursday night. I might be a fuzz brain (again) by then.

Matt W, that's a lot. And if I remember correctly you were up against some pretty stiff competition (Jeff draws in the big guns, even for his non-pay bit parts). Sorry you didn't get chosen, but join the Rejected by Jeff VanderMeer Club (I'm a member myself). The thing is to keep trying.