What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Link-ee Poos, I feel a little better now

Article on the Pew Forum research of religious literacy in America. No real surprises for me, but you might differ. Here's the report on the Pew Forum website and includes a quiz (only 15 questions compared to the 32 of the initial survey). I haven't read the full article on the forum's website, yet.

Looks bad for Health Care Reform. More people wanted it to do more than those who think government should have stayed out of it. This from a poll sponsored in part by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (which has some interesting articles on its site that I want to go back and read when I have time). So when you hear somebody trolling out the line about how "a majority of people are against the HCR/Obamacare" you'll understand that a lot of those who aren't happy aren't happy because it didn't go far enough. It just tickles me that more people want the "Government/Public Option" than those who oppose it on general purposes. I'm slightly re-heartened by my fellow citizens. And this poll mirrors others I've heard about (but am to lazy to find right at the moment, most of them taken in January) that show the same thing (I believe one was a Kaiser Family Foundation poll).

Yes, if it weren't political season, and the crap-o-meter is already starting to peg, I'd be a little happier. Seriously was beginning to worry about my fellow Americans mindset. I sometimes feel like that lonely voice crying in the wilderness. Good to know I'm not alone.

An interesting response to the GOP Senate candidate in WV. Not so much for what it says about the actual candidate, but for the last two paragraphs. Yes, it's a politically biased website, but refute their facts if you will. I think I've said the same thing in earlier posts about conditions when we tried "unfettered/free market 'capitalism'" and the other "big ideas" (re: tired old notions) so hep in today's political scene. Most of those "regulations" the conservatives bitch and moan about all came about because somebody (many somebodies) abused the system and caused harm. All when there wasn't those regulations.

And because I'm tired of hearing it. Dear American Small Business Owners who Employ Others (a decidedly small percentage of small businesses, most of whom are S-corp with a single employee, the owner) and make over $250,000 (and decidedly even smaller portion of the already smaller portion, but with a majority overlap into those single employee S-corps), you're taxes are going up. Stop fretting. You're welcome. Glad I can clear up all the "uncertainty" that's holding you back. No, really, I call bullshit. "I'm not going to expand or employ more people until I know what the tax situation is." Really? These are people who wouldn't employ anybody new because of the "uncertainty" of the future of anything (taxes, regulation, business market, economic climate), whatever. Cowards who aren't able to take advantage of the opportunities out there right now. They aren't the leaders of industry I want anyway. Grow a pair, it's a tough damn world.

And because it frosts my nuts (yes, I said it), to those idiots that recently came plunging out of the woodwork in a recent Scalzi post who think that "I won't earn more because I would pay more in taxes" blah blah, "if a wife worked at the $70,000 job, she's only be taking home $10,000 (after meeting all the extra expenses, like $24,000 days care - one, not likely and two, $24k, you can get an au pair for less)" - bullshit. It's an excuse. Working full-time for a freely spendable (ie. not encumbered by any other regular expenses like housing, food, gas, etc.) $10K a year and that's not enough? Screw you, lazy shit. I'd kill you, stick your head on a spike, and dance about the bonfire in the moonlight bathed in your cooling blood waving your entrails wildly for a chance to have the job that would bring me in $10K free and clear at the end of the year.


And today's fun link, Star Trek and Star Wars ships size comparison in 3D. (grokked from Jeff Beeler).

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