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Monday, February 7, 2011

The boy who cried, "bullshit"

Here's something I expect to hear about, mostly on Fox News, as a part of the ongoing, "I'm the victim here!" tour of Sarah Palin.

The SKP Foundation cancelled an event featuring Sarah Palin giving their statement below (with my commentary in italics) on their Facebook page. Quoted here in an attempt to get the word out about the cancellation.
The Sharon K Pacheco Foundation (SKP Foundation) announced today the cancellation of the 2011 Patriots & Warriors Charity Gala, featuring former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, citing safety concerns resulting from an onslaught of negative feedback received by the organization after yesterday's announcement.
Wow, only one day and they received so much "negative feedback" they're canceling the whole event instead of replacing the keynote speaker. That's amazing they'd get so much feedback. Especially on a Friday. And so much so quickly you'd think 1) it was a very bad idea, or 2) there are people who have way too much free time.

"Due to an onslaught of personal attacks against Governor Palin and others associated with her appearance, it is with deep sadness and disappointment that, in the best interest of all, we cancel the event for safety concerns," says the Foundation's Director.
Uh, yeah, Bob. Hell, I'm surprised you could even get your board together for a meeting to cancel the event so fast. Unless they were all standing around doing nothing in the offices. Oh, I know, they were afraid to leave the building after announcing the event because of all the massive, negative feedback. There must have been Liberals in the streets, marching and chanting, I'm sure they were waving pitchforks and torches (we're a simple folk, we are).

He points out that no direct threats have been made against anyone, well, that's good, because if there were there would have to be a police report about it but the recent increase in negative rhetoric against the former Alaska governor "raises concern for her safety and the safety of others despite the call for civility in America," following the tragic Tucson shooting.
And this is where it kicks into, "I'm the victim here" that Sarah has been going with. Oh poor Sarah. If only all those nasty liberals would just let her be herself. Why, she'd be right as rain. And we'd be able to do all these good things. Oh, the humanity.

The organization deeply respects Sarah Palin, and appreciates her willingness to come and honor our military. She said yes, OMG, we can't believe she would be willing to be seen supporting military families and come to Colorado, a possible swing state in the next election (wait for it). It's almost like a win-win for her.

The organization plans to host the event at some point in the future, featuring another speaker.
We didn't have a backup plan, and obviously our fund raiser isn't that important. No, really, we just wanted Sarah, and now that those mean headed Liberals got all poppy pants about her coming, we'll, we're just not going to be able to help all those military families because we can't possibly go on with someone else. Oh, woe is us.

Because, you know, it has nothing to do with something so trivial as scheduling conflict. No. Can't be that. Poor Sarah. So vilified. It's a tragedy, it is. Poor victimized Sarah.

(This satire and parody brought to you by Sarah Bellum, when it's a good thought, it's a Sarah Bellum Production)

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