What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's so super about the Super Bowl

When I was a young the Super Bowl was in January and it was about the football. Now, because of cost of putting on the display, it's all about the corporate. People actually watch to see the commercials now, or to see the halftime show. And while there are still football fans who go to see the game, the stadium is filled with corporate guests and shakers. And now, quite frankly, the derivatives (Puppy Bowl, the interminable "best commercial" shows, and reviews of those commercials will take more news space than the game will) are more popular.

Things change, as they always do, but these past few years I've really had no desire to watch the Super Bowl. There's things I'm off doing instead (like the writing, or repurposing the baby monitor so my wife can hear the birds outside). It's no longer a "must see", and I guess I'm kinda sad about that. In fact, since the NFL let Modell move my beloved Browns (it was a love hate relationship, even from the beginning), I really haven't watched football all that much. When I was younger, that was what we had on the TV every Sunday in the Fall (and plenty of Monday nights as well). And while I do wish the Neo-Browns would get their act together, I don't find that I must watch them or pay attention.

People all around me (work, friends, even the Sam's Club receipt checker) seem to take joy form watching. I just can't get myself motivated to care. I think it's because, in general, and what was made perfectly clear by the NFL allowing Model to move the team, is that it's not about the football anymore. It's about the money.

There's also the subtalk about another work stoppage next year. Some of you probably don't remember the substitute year back in the 80s, when the teams hired substitute players while the regulars were on strike. Some how I don't even think that would get my interest in football again (because, while lots of people dissed the subs, they played like they meant it and gave it their all). And while I wish the player luck in their negotiations, I'd really rather see the breakup of the star system. But I doubt that will happen either.

So this afternoon, picture me with the Puppy Bowl on for background. And when people ask about the Super Bowl this week, that look on my face is "meh."

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