What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, February 25, 2011

Linkee-poo has the feeling it'll be doing the driving from now on

All political for this post. I'm really trying to break my habit, but the other side is like pushers who just won't let me.

To my conservative friends who like to shout about rights being taken away, the over reach of big government, and that government should listen to the people, this is why I don't believe you. You support the party that does exactly those things you're railing against. The vote in WI was opened and closed before most people had a chance to get to their seats. This is democracy?

I'm all for expediting the process, and 60 hours of floor debate can be grinding. However, there are rules for ending floor debate (such as saying, "we all have 3-5 minutes to say out peace and then we'll vote"). You gain the floor, call the question, have it seconded. Have the vote to end debate, and then conduct an orderly vote. This was a railroading, plain and simple.

Well, so much for that corner halal falafel cart. Really, banning religious law, or allowing judges to take into account those religious laws? Remember that link I had earlier talking about Jewish Law in America, and how one congressional aid went through a divorce and his custody begins Friday nights. However being strict jewish, he can't travel then, so he's losing one of his custody days because of that. And how all (or at least most) of us agreed it was a pretty dicky move by that judge. Understand these laws would make that perfectly acceptable and, in fact, preferable. But only, you know, if we would just says judges can't take into account all those community/religious laws we have, instead of just singling our Sharia. Land and the free and the brave. Although it's hard to tell with us restricting everybody's rights and cowering behind our walls. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

This is a part of the Right-to-Life agenda, to make every sperm sacred as the song goes. You might remember this isn't the first time that a law to make miscarriages both an investigable and prosecutable offense. This is one of the reasons that while I believe abortions should be rare (and safe) I think the RtL movement is an abomination. They are not compassionate. They are not on the side of right, they're throwbacks. Including the double-think of the only moral abortion is my abortion.

Another article showing the inequity of economic distribution. It's a fairly long page from Mother Jones, however it's almost all graphs and graphics. I would like to point you to the "Share of Federal Tax Revenue", "Average CEO Pay vs Average Worker Pay", and the "Change in Share of Income" charts.

Another point in the how the conversation and use of violent words are different argument. 1) That was pretty much an illegal comment (and I'm sure the Secret Service will follow up) and 2) Even McCain had the class to correct a questioner when she spouted off that Obama was a muslim. Thanks, TP, for getting these people elected. Oh, but wait, he's walking it back now, you know, after the meeting and once he was called on it.

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