What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Linkee-poo takes those long nights, impossible odds

Didn't have internet connection today. At first it was panic, and a pain in the butt trying to get work done. But then it was oddly soothing.

John Scalzi has great new about Old Mans War the movie. Yep. There's going to be a movie (or at least they're going to get real close). That's great news. I guess I can't go around anymore singing, "I know a secret I won't tell. I won't tell. I won't tell."

And speaking of cool news. The Nebula Nominees for 2010. And I know a number of people on that list. That's so very cool.

Tobias points to a chart on the relationship between union membership and state deficits. Pretty much isn't one. There is a trend, though, that higher membership correlates to reduced percentage shortfall, but it's not a strong one. Tobias also links to a discussion about if unionized public employees make more or less than their private counterparts. More people agree that for comparative education levels and job descriptions, no, they don't. However, as the article Tobias points to says, it all comes down to where you draw the lines.

Then there is the pranked Koch phone call. You know, just another phone call the Gov. may take. At least that's the way they're playing it. Really?

The craziness surrounding this push by conservatives to break unions, some on both sides (although, it seems to have more coming from the conservative end of it). There are people saying with straight faces some of the most horrible things imaginable. Of course they crouch their language to appear reasonable, but when you work through the practical side of it, you begin to see the insanity. And I'm not even talking about the "Fire them" and "Live ammunition" comments.

Rick Santorum, you know, the guy who supposedly sparked the TP movement with his rant, thinks the crusades were just ducky. There are almost no words. Both historic, religion, and ideology epic fail. Also, with both his leadership and the coming fight over DOMA, I think we'll see the TP move openly into the social conservative fight.

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