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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm a marathon runner, in my head

Random thoughts that keep going through my head.

For those writers out there who write on their lunches, do you actually eat a lunch as well? I'm trying to figure out how to fit it in. Granted, if I was able to take a full hour, I think I could. A half hour or 45 minute lunch just isn't long enough after a short walk (5 to 15 minutes) and stuffing my face.

I have been avoiding trying to do too many writing projects all at the same time. I've also given more thought to turning off the internets (or at least my involvement in the social aspects of it). I know others who have done that. It's an attempt to carve out more time for writing. And lately I've been putting notes into

Must edit/write the book. With all the storms in the evening lately, even the ones I have't tweeted about, it keeps one from focusing. I have a ton of other work to do around the house, along with other issues. It's not like I've increased TV watching, or gaming. Hell, I haven't been able to do the Wii Fit lately. Which brings us to...

It's okay to feel hungry when you're trying to lose weight. Still having difficulty dropping these pounds. Work is a poison atmosphere. One of our perks is an open snack drawer. Also, most of the time I'm sitting, doing computer work. I have to intentionally get up every now and then.

I have three big home projects I need to get done this summer. Two are day jobs. The third will probably be three weeks. I keep running over all the details for them in my head, trying to see all the angles. I find projects go better when I do that. However, it takes a lot of time.

So finally, I keep reminding myself to just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Swimming. Swimming. Swimming.


Elizabeth said...

I write and eat at the same time. Both take longer that way, but that's better for me than trying to eat too quickly. Also I don't walk on my lunch hour. I do take a full hour, but I use some of it for internet or reading breaks instead.

Mer said...

I use eating time (which is usually no more than 15 minutes) as decompression time, and then write for the remaining 45. Never have managed to write while eating (not effectively), but I do keep trying on occasion. Ultimately, this never worked when I had less than an hour lunch break, and going out to eat, even at my favorite burrito cantina, doesn't leave me *quite* enough time to get into flow. But 45 minutes in the library stacks (a 30 second walk away from the break room) does wonders. I've also learned: I can't do it at my desk.

Michelle Sagara said...

I wrote five books on lunch hours (my first five). I did eat -- but in order to save those 5-15 minutes, I packed a lunch. This did take time at the end of the day. I was given an hour for lunch, and used all of it. I did write while eating. I'd take a bite of lunch when I was between sentences or when I was thinking something through.

And for the first few months, progress was difficult, but after that, my brain would click into writing-focus mode.

Elizabeth said...

Also, I would not recommend soup for lunch if you're trying to write at the same time.

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks everybody. I did a lot of writing on my lunch time at the old job. I haven't been able to get back into the swing with this new one.