What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, February 17, 2012

Proof that Irony is alive and well in Ohio

"(Ohio Governor) Kasich said (to Ohio Small Bankers), 'we need you to start raising hell with people who say they want the economy to grow at the same time they're choking off the capital'… The Republican governor encouraged the room to descend upon Washington with signs, the march around the Capitol… 'I'm not asking you to go sleep in some park somewhere,'… The 'sleep' remark drew laughter. 'But we laugh,' Kasich said. 'People sleeping in a park have gotten more attention from more elements in America than you ever would've imagined.'" And "Kasich tells bankers to start carrying signs that say 'let our people go' and march around the capital."

Okay, one, how to miss the argument completely. And two, okay, I'd pay to see that circus. If only to gather them in one place to throw tomatoes. Our governor, proud sponsor of the Million Millionaires March. And oh those silly OWS people, camping out in the parks. Why, they got more attention than the little people deserve!

Let have our chauffeurs drive us to the capital and we'll have them honk the horns as we shout out of electric, shaded windows to get the people out of our way of fleecing helping the little people. And then we can wave our empty champaign glasses at them like some seriously overhung New Year's Eve revelers.

Okay, I understand that most small bankers aren't like that. And while they may not be the 1%, they are mostly in the top 10%. I just can't wait to see them all camping out, singing "Kumbaya" while they have au pairs making smores for the kids, and having meal delivered from the better restaurants.

There I go again.

Most people agree that the banking reforms the government put into place some two and a half years after the self-inflicted banking meltdown are pretty toothless. There's only one exception, the CFPB. And you'll remember who tried to stop that from coming about until the President agreed to water it down too. Fortunately the President decided to do a recess appointment to get the ball rolling.

Dear Gov. Kasich, Reality is calling on line 2. Might want to pick up.

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