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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hitting the hard reboot

After a crazy summer, things are about to get crazier. Tomorrow I start back to classes. That means mornings in class and afternoons/evenings at work.

What this means to you, dear reader, is that the publishing schedule will get even more erratic than before. You may think that's not possible, but trust me, it is. I apologize in advance for missed days and skimpy content.

On the positive side of the reboot, I did get a scholarship. It's not much but it looks like it'll cover the difference between the total tuition bill and what Bette's employee discount pays. So there's still the fees and books (those are enough), and not to mention the extra gas to cover the extra commutes between school and work. Hopefully on that last expense, the day thing will be supplying a laptop to facilitate "working from home" (ie. sitting in a study carrel between class and lab). I've been told this will happen, but haven't seen the laptop yet. If it does, that'll have be about 3 hours on the road that I could apply to getting 40 hours in (without having to work Saturdays… which I'll have to do in the last part of the semester.

Am I freaked out? Yes I am. I have no idea how I'm going to make this work as more and more details come out about what is required. And then I also start wondering if I really do have this level of exertion left in me. When I was younger, it wouldn't have been a problem. It would have hurt, but I'd drive through it. These past few weeks I'm not so sure. I'm hoping it's because my weight has been up and as I get some more exercise I'll feel a lot better about it.

Not everything got done that needs to be done. Hopefully some of it will be okay to hold off until the end of the semester. And what can't wait we can hopefully deal with in the limited time we have.


Dana Teel said...

I doubt seriously if this can be considered an insightful comment, but it's a comment and on that characteristic alone it is unique (within this thread). Best of luck with the upcoming school year and your plan to add to your academic achievements; I hope that it provides the additional knowledge and skill you are trying to gain. I started college as a 50 year old retiree from the US Navy, although I was able to earn a BSEE degree from the University of Iowa, it was neither easy nor enjoyable. I can sympathize with your concerns over the busy schedule and competing requirements for life and college. I have no suggestions that will magically free up additional study time or just time to relax. I do however wish you the very best luck in the coming semester.

Steve Buchheit said...

Hey Dana, it's always good to hear that other people have done it. Today was the first day of classes and I realize I'm not alone. Several people launched their personal introductions with, 'When I was laid off after (10-20) years in…" I think I am the oldest in this class, but I think I am younger than my teachers.

If I find that magic wand that opens up that extra time window, I'll let everyone know how it's done. You know, unless the aliens that gave me the technology would kill me if I shared it. Because that would defeat the purpose of having the extra time if you know what I mean.