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Continual crisis!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Three! Three things make a post, ah ha ha ha

It's coming up on the Great Geauga County Fair time. How do I know? The Amish boys have been drag racing on the back roads for the past few weeks. Sure, coming over a hill to come face to face with two dragging roadsters is one thing, image it if wasn't roadsters by horse carts (trotter rigs). Tonight on the way home, they were also burning fires, clearing up the brush.

I mentioned on twitter that I had bought a new computer (hurrah!). However, whenever I do nice things for myself, there tends to be smiting in proportion to the cost or joy (or both) that I get from getting myself nice things. Some people may have thought I was being over dramatic. Ask me what went to hell this week. Let's begin with the water heater fritzing out the next day. So it has been having problems before, but we had cleared out what was causing issues (installers didn't follow code). However, the garbage that had gone through was causing other problems. Brought in service tech that helped us get up to code. Long story, but after paying for expedited shipping twice (see earlier rant on Sears Parts not being very customer oriented), one part, the most important part, didn't work. But so far the old part seems to be working again. Work sort of exploded this week and now the week before going to class I'm exhausted again. And did I mention that this morning that my check engine light went on? Oh, and I nearly forgot to go get my second TB injection. So, a banner week.

But the new MacAir is nice. However, my old laptop is so old, the migration assistant won't recognize it. Now besides going through getting everything working, there's also a lot of data I can't forward into the new machine.

And finally, not only did Phyllis Diller pass this week (another Hollywood Square goes dark), but so did Jerry Nelson. Next week will be a lot less funny.

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