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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The bold tangy taste of leadership

Here's and interesting take on politics lately. For the past two election cycles I've heard the conservatives talk about their "boldness" and or "bold leadership." understand that these are cover words for, "I know your pissed at the votes I took, that they're unpopular socially conservative standpoints, but I was exercising bold leadership." Or, in other words, don't criticize me because I took a chance. Which, BTW, the chance they were taking was being pilloried for the positions/votes you say you showed "bold leadership" on.

Know what else was bold leadership? Lord Cardigan leading the Light Brigade into the valley between the Fedyukhin and Causeway Heights, otherwise known as the "Valley of Death." If you don't think that was a bold move and took leadership, you don't really understand the military. Lord Cardigan had his orders, which he misinterpreted because they weren't clear, and he and his men knew their charge was doomed. And yet they went anyway. What you may not know is the Light Brigade made their objective. And after suffering heavy casualties getting there, the remnants were destroyed as they pulled back.

Know what else was bold leadership? Pettigrew's Charge was bold leadership. Every man on the field knew what they were about to get into, including all the officers. The Union held the high ground, including artillery on Little Round Top, and the Confederate artillery bombardment had indeterminate results (viewed from their side of the field). It was only Lee's trust that his men would deliver the impossible that kept the charge going. And Lee was wrong. If you don't know, Pettigrew's Charge is more famously known by his subordinate officer's name, Pickett.

Both are examples of bold leadership and both were disastrous for both side of the conflict. They were more disastrous for those exercising that bold leadership.

So when you hear a politician spouting about how they're showing "bold" or "decisive" leadership instead of "thoughtful" or "correct" leadership, you now have historical examples of what happens in those cases. A lot of people get slaughtered.

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