There's battle lines being drawn.
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Young people speaking their minds
getting so much resistance from behind

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On the guilt of being a future asshole

As you may know, my reboot gets into full swing this month with the start of the program courses. In this case, the program really is a program (you must take these classes at this time in this order, no varying, no going back, the only do over is starting from the beginning). Since I was accepted into the 2012 start from my initially scheduled 2013 start, I didn't have first crack at registration. While the class is small enough for one lecture, we have 4 lab options. The two best options had already closed out by the time I got to register and there are no overrides allowed.

So I have a very much "less than optimal" schedule right at the moment. So much so it'll be hard to get 40 hours in at the day job (I'm working on that end as well). Which means my plan B, sub-option 2, working the weekends is coming into play (hopefully not until the second half of the semester).

But there is another option. This Friday the tuition bill is due. If you're not up to date, or have scheduled a payment plan, your classes are automatically dropped. So, I'm an asshole in the past for hoping that someone forgets or can't get their money in on time and I can swoop in and get their better lab time.

As an added bonus, I just noticed last night that the bill for our background checks had finally caught up with our accounts. That bill, if left unpaid, would count for dropping classes. No notification was sent (either to our homes or by our email accounts). It's only because I happened to check the college website for something else that I noticed. So I'm an asshole last night because I wished that some people in the better labs don't notice it.

All so I can be an asshole this Friday (or next Monday) by changing my labs to the more advantageous ones. And I feel guilty about that. I know how I would feel to find I was auto-dropped and then someone took my classes. Also, being a class of less than 30, it will be easy to figure out who was the vulture. However I have a very pragmatic side, if I can get those better times for labs, my life will be a thousand times easier this fall.

So, I'll feel guilty. If confronted, I'll be suitably embarrassed. But I'm going to do it anyway. Only now I have guilt for something I haven't done (except in my heart).

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