What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Linkee-poo is stuck in the middle with you

Yes, last night in the debate Pence won. It was close, but he did the debate thing better than Kaine. Now, if there was also an award for lying your ass off, Pence would have won that hand down. He also would have won for "Most Condescending Smirk".

There are rumors that for the World Fantasy Convention there are still rooms available at the hotel (and a quick check of the site proves it's true). That's, uh, that's like incredible. Also people wanting to sell their membership are having a hard time finding takers. Given the number of times I've attended WFC (4 IIRC), I was only in the main hotel once, and I was closed out of membership twice (talked my way in once, bought someone else's membership the other time). (Grokked from Jason Sanford)

In my story "The Running of the Deer" (sadly trunked, I might bring it out again for self-publication, I really liked it, it was probably the first real story I wrote, although I should probably do a complete rewrite at this point) I had this exact same plot point. "This cat guided a lost man down a mountain in Switzerland." Only it was out of Fairy, and the cat was a familiar (of someone else, it was complicated). Did you know that cats can cry is a way that sounds like a human baby? (Grokked from Lara Kristin Herndon)

Elon Musk names his Mars shot ship "Heart of Gold", thereby crowning himself King of the Geeks. Actually, we all thought he was Tony Stark when actually he's Zaphod Beeblebrox (now trying to figure out what that means for whom would be Slartibartfast). (Grokked from Deborah Beale)

Good relationship advice, don't bury the cake. Yep. Also, learn to celebrate each other's mistakes, not criticize them. (Grokked from John Scalzi)

"The executive director of Kansas City Libraries says he's outraged by the charges against Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, a Jewish man grabbed by private security after asking the event's speaker, former diplomat Dennis Ross, uninvited follow-up questions. Off-duty cops moved in to arrest Rothe-Kushel when he objected to the hands-on treatment—as well as a library staffer who had moved to intervene." Arrested in a library for wanting to ask followup questions. Well, to be honest, he was embarrassing the speaker.

"Though a TBN executive in an aspirational mood once described the park as 'a faith-based version of Universal Studios,' it has much more in common with Orlando’s cut-rate regional offerings, such as Gatorland, Dinosaur World, or Fun Spot." And Jesus is promptly crucified at 5pm. (Grokked from Tobias Buckell)

"The worse it gets, as I wade and stumble through the Great Dismal Swamp, the better I understand its history as a place of refuge. Each ripping thorn and sucking mudhole makes it clearer. It was the dense, tangled hostility of the swamp and its enormous size that enabled hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of escaped slaves to live here in freedom." (Grokked from Jason Sanford)

"Johnson & Johnson sent a letter to its customers downplaying the risk, saying that 'The probability of unauthorized access to the OneTouch Ping system is extremely low' and 'It would require technical expertise, sophisticated equipment and proximity to the pump, as the OneTouch Ping system is not connected to the internet or to any external network.'" Well, I for one feel better about that. WTF, J&J? In this day and age, "protection through obscurity" is not a valid defense. Especially when lives could be on the line here. No security is totally bullet-proof (at least for anything someone actually needs to use). At best you're just creating higher bars for potential black hats to halt over. The very least you can do is encrypt data transfer. Hell, my garage door opener uses encryption and a cycling code.

"Wildstein also alleged that (NY Gov.) Cuomo told the Port Authority's executive director, Patrick Foye, to 'stand down' and refrain from publicly blaming the lane closures on (NJ Gov.) Christie and his staffers pending his re-election later that fall, The New York Times reported."

"(Pres. Bill Clinton) went on to call that (Obamacare) scenario the 'the craziest thing in the world.'" True story, Obamacare (ACA) is based on Romnneycare (Massachusetts healthcare system) which is based on the Heritage Foundation's healthcare plan from 1994 which was a conservative alternative to HillaryCare, which was Bill Clinton's healthcare initiative. Also, it's not as bad as I'm sure it will be portrayed in the media, especially Fox News, when you look at the full statement (or "in context" to coin a phrase). Unlike some other politicians who say, "You have to take that in context of the whole speech" only to read the whole speech and find out the comments are actually worse than they're being portrayed.

"Back in 1986… Trump colluded in tax evasion with Bulgari Jewelry Store in New York… Trump would go into the store with his wife, his girlfriend, his…whatever… He would then buy her an expensive necklace or wristwatch. Normally, such a transaction would face… city and state sales tax… Trump 'asked' the store to instead ship the jewelry to an out of state location, where no New York sales tax could be collected. In fact, the store would merely send an empty jewelry box to the location, while Trump and his lady friends walked out the door with the jewelry… (S)tate and city tax collectors eventually caught onto this scheme, and Trump promptly testified against his erstwhile tax evasion colluding partners at the jewelry store in order to save his own skin." (Grokked from Lisa N. Morton)

"A new posting from the hacker alias Guccifer 2.0 purported to be documents stolen from the Clinton Foundation appears to be a hoax." Shocked, shocked that the Russia hacks turn out to be part of a disinformation campaign and that they were willing to fake data. (Grokked from Jim Wright)

Okay, surprise, both campaigns prepare statements about how their person won before debates (actually they do this for most events, my guess is the Clinton campaign has their victory and concession speeches at least outlined by now). But most don't post their updates before the actual event. Yes, they'll blame it on an intern. They always do. Note to companies, this is why you don't put interns in charge of front line corporate communications. Just a hint. What's not in this article is that they also had a page that said Hillary Clinton was the loser of the VP debate. (Grokked from George Takei)

Tweet of my heart: @DMReporter POLITICS: Nigel Farage set to return as UKIP leader as reports suggest his family want to spend less time with him. (Grokked from Fred Clark)

Double dip: @SlacktivistFred It's like 1930s Germany, 1950s Alabama & 1970s Anita Bryant all merged in a Voltron of hateful stupidity.

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