What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, October 17, 2016

Linkee-poo, they paved over paradise and put up a parking lot

Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, CO. The world is stranger than you think. Found through a statement in this story about a suspect being arrested in an attempted bombing of the local police department.

Wikileaks claims a "state" actor has severed Assange's internet access.

Our upstairs neighbors are worried about our self-esteem. So they started the "Tell America It's Great" campaign. Thanks, Canada. We think you're pretty great as well. And I'm not just saying that. You're were we all think we'll move to when the shit hits the fan. Love, US. PS, don't worry about us, we're just working through some issues at the moment. Sometime in December our inbuilt, self-grandeur will kick back in. Until them we have ice cream, Oreos, and bourbon. (Grokked from NPR)

Want to know what real election fraud looks like? It looks like this disinformation campaign. That image looks like it's from the Clinton campaign, but it's not. It's from people who want to throw the election to Trump. You might remember the mailers in several states back in 2012 that listed the wrong dates for voting that only went out to Democratic voters. There is one party interested in voter fraud, it's because they're the party actually doing it. It's stupid shit like this that makes me want to start the revolution. In all seriousness, go out and vote. I don't care whom you're voting for, but I want you to vote. That's one of the reasons I'm no longer a part of the Republican Party. (Grokked from Mur Lafferty)

A GOP local office in North Carolina is fire bombed. Don't do this. This is the wrong response. And while I understand the emotion and frustration that could lead to it, this isn't our side's playbook (at least since the 70s). And I really hate that part of me is thinking this is a false flag, it will depend on how the candidates spin it this week. Why do I think this? "'They are working around the clock. It is a miracle that nobody was killed'"… The GOP office is located at a retail complex along the interstate that's several miles from the town's historic square… Another business owner discovered the damage Sunday morning." Retail complex, hot fire, not discovered until the next morning, office normally occupied but no one hurt. No fire alarm? No sprinklers? Fortunately the fire "burned out" before moving to other offices. Who takes the time to spray paint "Nazi Republicans"? "Nazis" works just as well, and is faster. It's like the perpetrator didn't think anyone would get the reference. Also, in "hate crimes" you typically don't use the symbolism of the group being targeted except to "mark" them.

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz cries once more unto the breach dear friends, once more. Another investigation into Clinton's email server. Because why not, it's not like they're going to do anything else, obviously.

"The Republican candidate’s links to Russia are a mix of bling, business and bluster spanning 30 years. The FT has compiled this account from a variety of sources, tracing Trump's fascination for Russia from its beginnings in Soviet times, through the Putin era to the US presidential campaign." There's a lot to digest in there. (Grokked from Xeni Jardin)

Tweet of my heart: @HarrietSalem The 21st century. A place where we live stream war while Facebook prompts us to 'react' with an emoticon. #Mosul link to Facebook page with video (Grokked from Jim Wright)

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