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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Because I Am Just a Male Ho for a Free Book.

Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing, which I think I've mentioned before, is running a contest for a Michael Moorcock book.

First off, how excellent is that? It's majorly excellent, in my book. Adventures in SF Publishing has been one of those podcasts that I obsessively download (the link on the blog roll has been there for awhile). The only other podcast I'm like that is The Onion (which is also excellent). The fun interplay with Shaun and Sam is very good. Not exactly Nick and Nora, but still pretty good. The interviews on AISFP range the gammet from, "I've gotta listen to that again right now," to, "now that was interesting." Plus they have great segments like "Ask an Author with Tobias Buckell" (of which I've refrained from asking too many questions because I've already been on twice) and the long awaited next segment in "From the Editors Desk" with Lou Anders. You really ought to check them out.

Now on Mr. Moorcock. I've been a fan since my first experience of his writing for the band Hawkwind. I haven't read all of his output but the Elric series and a few others from his Hero of Chaos and Order continuum. Always an excellent ride in every book I've picked up.


Todd Wheeler said...

I have a particularly favorite Moorcock moment, I believe it was in The Land Leviathan (could be very wrong).

Anyway, in the book there is a very eager, atrocious Boy Scout leader by the name of Ronald Reagan who, as I recall, meets with a horrible end.

With Hawkwind, are you referring to lyrics?

For years (yeesh, decades) I had thought Moorcock co-wrote the Hawklords books with Michael Butterworth, only to discover relatively recently, that Moorcock disavows any meaningful involvement in them.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

Oh, my god, this is SO WEIRD--my husband remembers reading the Elric books a long time ago and has only in the last few days been trying to find them again for Evil Genius to read!! He can't find them at our library and thought they might be out of print. I'll have to share the good news with him.

I think it is truly odd that you're writing about this guy the same week that Better Half has been obsessing about it. Is it the stars? And where's the third reference--don't these things always come in threes?

Steve Buchheit said...

Hey Todd, I think he did some lyrics, but I'm specifically thinking of Sonic Attack.

Hawkwind is one of those groups that some of their songs I just love, and some of them totally stink. There was a stretch in the late 70s and middle 80s they did some really neat stuff (Church of Hawkwind, for instance).

Steve Buchheit said...

Greeny, they've recently been published in omnibus editions (like three or four books together in one trade-paperback edition). Synchronicity, that's what it is. This week has been weird. Hopefully I can get a post done about what all happened today (just one of those everything that can go wrong days).

Todd Wheeler said...

Most of what I have is on vinyl; haven't listened to it in years. One of these days I'll get a turntable ...

Steve Buchheit said...

Oh yeah, most of those records are my brother's vinyls. I do have two CDs of theirs, though.

Blue Tyson said...

You can't win that contest, well, not ahead of me anyway. :)

Steve Buchheit said...

Blue Tyson, well, they're giving away three copies. I can be magnanimous about it. You can win first, if I'm seconf or third I won't be upset. :)