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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cold Fusion Roundabout

Via all around cool guy (because he lives in Alaska, get it?) Jim Wright, could this be the future of heating? It seems miraculous. Although I've always believed if we could tap the energy in atoms without spliting or fusing them, that tech would solve all our energy needs. This seems to do that to some degree (or at least that's their theory).

Of course it could all come to naught, like the Cold Fusion discovery (which I still hold the opinion that the water was spiked with something, intentionally or accidentally). And I'm still waiting for my household fuel-cell. While we're at it, just where is my air car, dagnabit!


Jed Rothwell said...

Cold fusion did not "come to naught." It was replicated in hundreds of world-class laboratories, and these replications were published in mainstream, peer-reviewed journals. For more information, see:

Steve Buchheit said...

Hey Jed, thanks for that info. I've done a little googling as well on the subject. I was in college during 1989, and had a bunch of us go, "well, hell, we can get that equipment together." And experienced the subsequent deflation. I always thought there was something to it, something that seemed inconsequential that the other labs couldn't reproduce because Pons and Fleischmann didn't know something was there assisting as a catalyst. It's good to see that research is still going on in that field.

Steve Buchheit said...

(I should say we ended up not being able to gather all the ingredients. Palladium for example, was out of reach, but we watched the rest of the world.)

ThatGreenyFlower said...

"Palladium, for example, was out of reach..." HA! Good 'un.

Todd Wheeler said...

"While we're at it, just where is my air car, dagnabit!"

And jet-packs! Don't forget the jet-packs!

Steve Buchheit said...

Greeny, well, it was. And we were but poor college students. :)

Todd, oh, I haven't forgotten about them. But I want to arrive very stylish, not half baked.

Jim Wright said...

I admit that this would indeed be a cool invention, if it, you know, actually works. I'd be the first guy in line to pick one up at the local Home Depot.

But, see, there's that line in the report "...violates every known law of physics..." that just makes me a little suspicious. I suspect this will turn out to be almost as effective as those magnets you can clamp on your car's fuel line to "align the molecules" and improve gas mileage. Look! Magnets - it's majik! But, in the interest of fairness, I'll reserve judgment for the moment.

But, I'm with Todd Wheeler, I want my friggin' jet pack, and I want it now!