And they come with no warning,
nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

It maybe the wiskey talking, but the wiskey says...

I'm typing out the story. Without my notes scribbed in bed Thursday night, I'm making some of it back up. The voice has changed a little, but so has the story (tentatively titled "Sean and the Moon"). It's now much older in it's focus. I really wish I could get that voice (writing style if you like) back, it was fun. It broke the fourth wall, had a lilt to it (I do have a rhythm going, maybe) a tweakiness that I liked. Ah well, maybe in the rewrite. So I have the opening scene down, 710 words. Not my best productivity, but with the noise around and the bright and shiney distractions.

Like, one trailer for "I Am Legend" left me with a "WTF? Where is that in the book?" feeling, after seeing some more I see the movie more as a remake of "Omega Man" with it's Dark Fantasy (I'm immune) aspect than the horror of the actual story (which I read a long time ago, and picked up the audio book a few weeks ago, slightly not ready for work in case you're interested).

And then there was the trailer for "Sweeny Todd." So not a Christmas movie, and I might wait until the video comes out before seeing it.

Did I mention there's broadband at the retreat? Ohhhhh, broadband.

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