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Monday, November 3, 2008

Five Random Things. But wait, there's more...

So glad they moved Daylight Savings time, so now in both the spring and fall I get to experience twilight on both ends of the commute for a second time. You know twilight, that's when the deer are most active. Yeah, so glad I get to go through that twice every half year (this morning I got to see five deer).

Business revelation! Schlock work and great work pay about the same going rate.

Now that the candidates are set in their speeches, the news media are focusing more on the voters. Boy, are we a bunch of idiots. Seriously, do we ever listen to ourselves anymore. Best quote, though, "I'm afraid of the country we'll live in if (candidate) gets voted in." Um, look around. It's that country. Oh, and considering how many robo-calls I was getting this weekend (hint to McCain campaign, I know you're doing the Karl Rove pick off the edges strategy, but seriously dudes, I'm an elected Democratic Party member, do the math, and you ought to fact check your statements, because I did, and you all are spewing some high stinkeroos there.

And because I'm a EOE kind of guy, Democratic Party, if you want me to give money, do not robo-call me again. Seriously. I hear that recording start up and my wallet sphincter clamps down hard. Have someone real give me a call, it doesn't need to be a celebrity. In fact, it's better if it's not.

Today's gasoline price at the pump I normally go to was $1.99(999). Gee, and that only took a moderately stronger dollar (well, it's not falling as fast as other currencies) and a 3-5% reduction in our consumption. Imagine that. No new drilling, ANWAR is still a preserve, and we didn't have to invade anybody new. Let's see, if we properly inflate our tires, we'd save 3-8%, combine commutes (less trips), another 5%, and driving more fuel efficient cars 5-8%. Nah, none of those things will ever work to bring down the price of oil. (insert sound track of me laughing) Now if we could have only done this without the recessionary economy. You know like listening to Al Gore and maybe not mocking Obama with giving advice that would work now (instead of in 10 years). Now lets talk about getting some more resources online, and what and where those resources should be. Oh, and cut all those tax breaks that Exxon-Mobil (and others) enjoy, because, dude, seriously, obscene profit.

And, the winner of Best Take on McBeth's Three Witches in a Modern Blog Post, goes to Jim Macdonald over at Making Light.


Anonymous said...

After this gas rant, I'd vote for you. Buchheit for President!

Steve Buchheit said...

I figured that needed to be pointed out, before anybody claimed that because we did a head fake toward drilling, prices came down. Which isn't the case.