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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Losing my religion

It's almost Thanksgiving which means it's time for that other turkey in the straw, Frere Jim-Bob Dobson to climb out of his borrow. If he sees his shadow, it means a few more millennia before the second coming. Yes, I'm sure with the incoming godless (actually I got to see Hal Lindsey explain how the Obama Presidency will usher in the World Government, aka reign of the Anti-Christ, great comedy) Obama Presidency will mean fewer merchants will say the politically correct "Merry Christmas" and instead revert to that blasphemous "Happy Holidays." A trend perpetrated by that poster-child for the godless, Bing Crosby. Yes, soon Dobson will be back on his high hobby pony banging his shoe against the Fox News commentary desk decrying the horrors of retailers who are obviously so godless to not say "Merry Christmas" and only offer sales, decorate with trees and lights, dress in red and green (hey, even the street lights are doing it from what I hear), play mind-numbing Xmas muszak, and generally don't do anything to celebrate the season.

Well, he may not be able to get his message out as well this year. The economy (and plowing so much of their money to support Prop 8) has hit Focus on the Family hard and they have had about 40% layoffs this year. Fewer Christian Soldiers to marching on to Shibboleth, at least in the pay of Spain.

Me? I think we need to put the Ram back in Ramadan, Kwanz back in Kwanza, the Chzks back in Chanukah, and Mythra back in Christmas, but then I'm a contrary cuss.

And speaking of getting religion, wow, it's interesting how quickly conservatives suddenly get religion when it comes to politics. After eight years of "whatever the President wants" I'm now hearing a whole bunch of voices advocating for less presidential power, less executive office expansion, more controls on spending, etc, etc, etc. After 20 years of arguing how the executive branch and Congress should be controlled by the same party all in the name of unity and "gettin' 'er done," well, I guess a loyal opposition actually is needed. Go figure.

As Bugs Bunny once said, "It is to laugh."


Jim Wright said...

Oh, I'm laughing. But to be clear I'm laughing at the neocons, not with them.


Janiece said...

I cannot tell you how it pains me that that tool from FOTF lives in my state.

And to add insult to injury, I used to support a sales person who was trying to sell them a solution. I had to go to their campus for a couple of meetings, and discuss how our call center technology would improve their "dial-a-prayer" call center.

Every time I set foot on the property, I threw up in my mouth a little.

Thankfully, they chose a competitor, in part because my company has a GLBT group.

I've never been so happy to lose an account...

Steve Buchheit said...

Jim, I still say the best political commentary is pointing and laughing. Works fantastically with boring dates as well.

Janice, when I did a quick search on FOTF and say they were in Denver I did wonder about that.

Back in my studio days there was an opportunity that our firm (well, me and the boss) may have done a calendar for the Cleveland Right to Life organization. When I was told this by a client, I had to suppress my first inclination to say, "Hey, some of your people may remember me from when I helped women cross your picket line." Fortunately my boss wasn't there as she would have practically begged to do the work. We didn't get that chance, thankfully.