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Monday, November 10, 2008

It's that time of year

Open Letter to Those Who Share the Road With the Rest of Us,

Now that the snow has arrived, along with the ice, and the joy of scraping said ice from our cars is upon us, I'd like to remind you all to remove snow and ice from your roofs. Not only will this help your gas mileage at this time of economic belt tightening, it will also remove the chance that an ice sheet will go winging from your vehicle and cause those traveling behind you to swerve out of the way to avoid damage to their cars.

See, when this happens, the person driving the vehicle behind you will then spout not only a string of profanity that, had your car been in the lane beside them instead of in front of them, would have pealed the paint right off the passenger side door, at the same time, while cursing the blue streak, this same driver is willing with all their might that a Elk Bull would appear suddenly in front of your vehicle.

This situation is highly toxic to the karma of all those involved. I hope you understand that nothing personal is meant by this. And I also hope you'll agree that it is to the the benefit of all those involved that next time you will clean off your stinking roof.

Thank you.


Nathan said...

Continuing the conversation toward our fellow drivers...

If you're too much of a self-centered ass to do it for the sake of the guy behind you, bear in mind that when you have to hit the brakes on the highway, that sheet of ice is just as likely to slide forward onto your own windshield. 50mph and blind really sucks!

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks for that reminder Nathan. It just really honkers me off that I spend my time being considerate by cleaning off my car, and then I have to deal with other people's snow.