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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cat Blogging Sunday

Because I can't follow rules I'm cat blogging on a Sunday.

Here's Vivian and Cleo together to show their relative sizes. Our Vivi has become a little barrel cat, and the vet says that's as large as Cleo will get, which is only slightly larger than when we got her (at 3 months). Lately Vivian hasn't been treating her daughter so nicely. We're trying several things, including petting them both when their both around, some herbals (for Vivi's digestion) and a homeopathic. It's helping a little. After the homeopathic she's good for about a day.

Here's Cleo being the cute little thing she is. But before you get all "awww, cute kitty..."

Here's how such a small cat can take up so much space on the bed. Yes, she sometimes sleeps like this.

Hopefully that satisfies my quota of cuteness to the internet for May.


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Aw... nice puddycats. They look like my Sam. (grin) Who is also barrel shaped.

Dr. Phil

Steve Buchheit said...

Dr. Phil, it just seemed so weird, we thought she was getting fat, but it's all muscle under there, she's like a wide tube with feet.

And since you have one that looks like them, do you happen to know what breed they are? It's like their a cross of tabby and tiger, and then there are the ear tuffs. I'm thinking they may be on of those wild cat/domestic cat cross breeds.

Mer said...

Maine Coons have a barrel shape too them, hugely muscular, and the tufts on the ears. Does anyone have tufts of fur poking out between paw pads?

I have a extremely muscular Maine Coon, who looks fat, but it's all ass-kickery. Or would be, if he knew how to use it. At 17 pounds, he constantly gets put down by the 8 pound (rescued from the) street cats.

It's kind of hilarious...

Oh yes, and I meant to say: Check. You have fulfilled your cute quota for the month. Carry on, but don't leave it so late next month.

Steve Buchheit said...

There's no tuffs between their toes, but they do have them on their ears. Next time I'm petting Vivi I'll have to check (she's really been into me rubbing her belly lately).

As for size, Isis wasn't exactly a small cat, be she would keep some of the bigger cats on the street in line. She would also watch the turkeys go through the yard from the windows (we wouldn't let her out when they were going through) and her tail would swish like mad. I figured her little brain was thinking, "Heck yeah, I could take one, and I'd eat for a month!"

neurondoc said...

Kitty! Actually, Kitties!

Steve Buchheit said...

neurondoc, yes, yes they are. Little bundles of furry trouble. I mean joy. Yeah, joy.