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Friday, May 28, 2010

So, should we call it PoliFAIL or InternetFAIL?

Okay, so I've had my brain elsewhere and missed the launch of America Speaking Out. Seems the Republicans are asking for average Americans to give their input to help drive policy and make a closer connection "with the people."

Now, I could make the jokes about how they're a little bit late to the game, how their first "idea" site failed (in a whoosh of vaporware and actual ideas), or that they just have no ideas of their own so are trolling for anything to latch on to. But the site is enough of a joke already that no other jokes need to be made. A Washington Post article on some of the good quotes.

And now, it seems as if the "liberals" have taken over the space (from looking at the recent posts). Welcome to the internets, guys. Here's an idea, you might want to look at the term "moderated." I give this idea freely, because I know you 1) don't know how to find links to the site so won't see this and 2) probably wouldn't be able to institute it properly anyway.

Grokked from Jay Lake who nailed it, "You can’t even tell if this stuff is mockery or the real thing. The Right has grown so crazy that there isn’t a difference anymore."


Anonymous said...

I liked:

Stop "teaching" our children the atheist doctrine of heliocentrism. It contradicts the Bible. It also got more up votes than down.

Yeah, the concept of moderation would be useful. Maybe we should send over Scalzi's rules?

Anonymous Cassie

Steve Buchheit said...

I was thinking more of TNH's mad skillz. But, like I said, they wouldn't know how to implement it properly.

Some of the comments are easy to mark as fakes or liberals interfering. Some, however, aren't so easy to discern.