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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My GPA slips below 100%

Well, my over all hasn't. On the quiz last night I scored 29 out of 30 (there were no extra credit questions). And I know what I got wrong. I had originally selected the correct answer and then, on my third review of the question, changed my answer. The correct answer was cheilosis, and I changed it to chielosis (it was a multiple choice question). BTW, cheilosis is an abnormal condition of the lips (typically cold sores).

I have a longer post about my class. Short story is that medical terminology is sold as "a precision" language, but in reality it is a language of exclusion. It is meant to make those who don't know the secret handshake feel stupid and left out. It is meant to confuse the average person. Some terms, sure, help greatly. Most terms, however, are meant to keep the lay person at arms length and to keep you from questioning your doctor. You may have heard about how many mistakes are made in hospitals/doctors offices everyday? Part of that is the language used. When an abbreviation can mean several different things, it invites confusion and error. And now that medical terminology is used in the public sphere, the terms keep changing.

Oh, and overall I have 101 out of 100 points so far.

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