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Monday, July 12, 2010

Wait, was that a weekend?

This weekend just sort of evaporated. I remember being there for it, but much of it was taken up by "Holy Cow, it's (insert time here) already? I've gotta get (chore) done." Add in a healthy dose of studying and there's a weekend that just goes "poof."

Medical Terminology isn't like other classes I've had. Judging where I'm at is difficult. Did I really learn that term, or am I faking it with the clues? Some of it is the subject of the class, some of it is the presentation, and some of it is having spent the past several decades learning to speak plainly, I now need to reverse that course. So if you say "cardiomytosis" I can get you talking about inflammation of the heart muscle. However if you say "kidney stone" and I going to be able to come up with "renal calculus"? I don't' know. It's easier (and clearer to me) to just say "kidney stone."

So, obviously, I didn't get any posting or writing done.

On the side of "there' hope for us all," Jay Lake lake is on the other side of his chemo and feeling the musely love. Go, Jay, go. But remember the spoons.

And thinking of health, I haven't talked about that for a bit. Over the past few months I've had both a serious ear infection and a serious allergic reaction that gave me hives. I'm not sure what that's all about, but I really hope to not repeat it. My guess is that they were stress related.

I've been gaining a little weight as of late. The new day job has free snacks, free pop/coffee/tea, and with all the meetings of late, extra food in the lunch room. Definitely a toxic atmosphere for someone trying to lose the weight. I think the last time I talked about weight was when I broke below 300 for the first time. Of course then I went back up, and down. I'm glad to report that 300 is now the top of the cycle. And I'm working on keeping it that way.

At the end of last week I hit 300 again. It seems weird to me that when I was 310, 300 felt light. Now having ranged into the 280s, the same weight feels uncomfortable heavy. I think part of that is all the new weight seems to be going to my gut, which is the dangerous kind of weight. Before, as I've told other people, I was deceptively overweight because the fat was evenly distributed over my body. It bothers me that if I gain any extra weight, it doesn't redistribute that way. And, as I said, gut fat is the dangerous kind. The kind that leads to heart disease.

But hopefully I've hit the top of the curve and I'm on my way back down. It feels that way because I am voraciously hungry, which tends to be the case when I'm losing the poundage. And with each swing that hunger gets stronger.

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