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Monday, October 4, 2010

Quickie links

One of the questions I continually hear from beginning and wannabe writers is about how you know where to send your stuff out. Mostly because they believe people will "steal" their ideas and plagiarize there stuff. My first answer is, "send to places you trust." The second sentence is, "If an editor/writer were ever caught doing this..." Well, you get what's about to happen to this person. Ferrel "Rick" Moore is not someone you want to mess with. Not that it takes someone with Rick's abilities to call idiots out, but Rick has a slightly larger megaphone than I do. It's also a good argument for belonging to writers organizations. This is part of what they do. David Boyer (aka Doc Byron, Iron Dave, David Brookes, Leo Wolfe, and Jerry Burkette) is about to get paddled. The problem is, I don't think he is the only author going by "David Boyer", so those other guys are going to have some problems for a while. That trouble might also be addressable through the same mechanisms. Also, this doesn't look like it's the first time the David Boyer we're talking about has seen troubles.

Thinking of writing, Jim Hines has a little post on royalties that's worth reading. Strangely enough over the weekend I just had a conversation with another writer friend about royalties.

Some more charts demonstrating the distribution of wealth in this country. Continuing on with other links I've made showing exactly the same thing. However, this chart also shows how people "perceive" the distribution of wealth, compared to the actual distribution of wealth. The chart is from several years ago (during the Bush/Kerry election), since then, even more wealth has been concentrated at the top. The perception of the bottom 40% of earners is interesting. Notice how in the "actual" chart you can't really see their color blocks, and then how big most people think they are. This is part of the problem of why people don't believe how incredibly disproportionate wealth is distributed in this country. If more people understood, IMHO, they would be less likely to support "tax cutting measures." (grokked form Tobias Buckell)

More, later, when I've had some sleep and return to sanity at work. At last check my blogroll for reading was somewhere over 150 posts. Yeah me. Sigh.

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