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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anatomy and Physiology I

Over and done. On the last tests I scored a 48/50 on the practical and 98/100 (106 possible with bonus). While I scored higher than the average (84/100), I still didn't break 100, which is disappointing. Seven people did (highest score was 104). But then, I also missed the last week of lecture because I had to be in Natural Bridge (photos forth coming) for business. If I've done the math correctly, I'll still have a 101% grade.

So now that class is done, I can apply for the Radiologic Tech and Nursing (Evenings/Weekend option) programs. Expected wait time, two years. Maybe longer. My app credentials are, tested out of basic math (well, I did pass Calc II in a previous life), 99th percentile on the placement test, A on Cell Biology and an A in A&P I. I wonder if that qualifies me?

While waiting to get in the program, I still have a few classes I can take: A&P II, Med Term II, Microbiology, and a speech class (because the butt-head chair doesn't want to return calls, no, serious, I've been giving public speeches for 8 years every month, I've been a panelist at conventions, etc. and you don't want to talk about testing out?). All the other prereqs and outside program courses will then be done. Oh, yeah, I also have to take CPR (of which I used to be an instructor back in the day) and get a ton of immunizations.

There we are. Fortunately I have the same professor for A&P II, he's really good. Tough, but he knows his subject and he imparts the material with humor and enthusiasm. Four weeks until classes start again.


vince said...

A number of years ago I went back to college. At that point I had published a lot of computer magazine and journal articles (for which I was paid professional rates), a computer book (for COMPUTE! Books), and a play. Gave tear sheets of several of the articles along with copies of the acceptance letters listing the payment amounts and a copy of the book. You would think, therefore, that I could skip the writing classes.


They made me waste my time (and money) and take them.

Thank goodness the instructors recognized the stupidity and let me tutor students having problems and bypass most of the writing assignments.

Steve Buchheit said...

Yeah Vince, whatever happened to the concept of credit for life experience. In my case I have the ability to transfer credit. The advisor doing the course evaluation was a little confused as I started in Calc I and because of my earlier honors admission to Akron, I didn't have the standard slate of entry classes. However, having the minor in Creative Writing with several 400 level classes got me out of English Composition. I have been thinking that I may take it anyway if I have a free semester. My relationship with the structural part of the language was hampered by having my high school English teacher flirting with the guy who always sat next to me (found that out after I graduated and they started dating openly).