What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, May 28, 2012

Linkee-poo a slow restart

Trying to catch up with my reading list while doing other chores. So not a lot today.

Elizabeth talks about writing over her lunch hour. We restart out program this week.

The Slactivist with some concise thoughts on the Bishops' take on the "religious liberty" they are "fighting for." Here I'll add, many states had similar regulations regarding birth control and health care minimum standards that the churches (okay, the conservative zealots who wish to revive the Court of the Inquisition here in the US) are so upset about. To be fair, some of them were upset back when the states imposed those standards (you know, the individual states that are now oh so upset about the same requirements) and they sued back then. And they lost. Every single one of them. But then, most of these "religious leaders" really hope their flocks have no sense of history or reality anyway. As Fred Clark mentions, things were very different in the church when I was growing up.

Okay, I was in Portsmouth at the time, but had nothing to do with this. I joke but I'm glad everybody aboard the USS Miami and the responding firefighters are okay.

I guess everything went well with the Dragon Spacecraft docking with the ISS.

Eric brings us proof P.T. Barnum is just as relevant today as he was back then. And, if you're selling dried blood of Reagan, shouldn't you at least spring for the rock crystal vial to hold it. Maybe it'll turn to liquid on June 5th of every year is taxes wouldn't be increased that year, or something.

Alligator Quotient: I wonder if they missed me. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.


Rick said...

Welcome back to the grind, Steve!

Steve Buchheit said...

Hey Rick, thanks. I would say it's good to be back, but I'd much rather go back on vacation.

Although my nose was getting a little long there, so it'll be good to put it back to the grind stone.