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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Linkee-poo clearing baffles

Can't remember if I shared this. Remember that technology to get more life out of your batteries, the Batteriser? Here's it's Indiegogo page.

Chuck Wendig with 100 random storytelling thought and tips.

John Scalzi on Lifehacker answering some questions. Like you do. (Grokked from Christine Daigle)

The British Library has also released a lot of images into the public domain. All, all those Mens life covers. Because nature will always attack you.

As the nation's population gets older, long term elder care is becoming even more important. That's why the quality of nursing care homes is going to be very important. Too bad that after cleaning them up in the 90s, we're now back to shoddy, profit over people, barely staffed, negligent fuck-holes. But, you know, I'm sure the market will sort it all out instead of having government regulation. On the positive, the majority of our elected officials are of an age where this will be an important issue to them (either for themselves or their spouses, or for their parents). And let me say that while some patients do inflict pressure ulcers on themselves (mostly because they've lost sensation in those parts), pressure ulcers are the hallmark of neglect. There is no reason why in a well run nursing home any patient would have them except for them being ignored. (Grokked from Morgan J Locke)

Oh thank God the GOP has something else to fire-up the masses now that people realize they actually like Obamacare. It's almost like it was made for it.

Satanic killings (scares) are back. "The blue moon, a rare second full moon in a single month, occurred on Friday, July 31, three days after the killings. The sheriff did not explain the discrepancy, and it was not addressed in a news release issued Wednesday morning." But we know it's tied to it. 'Cause reasons.

Boom! Drops mike. Walks off stage. A dentist's office sign, well played, sir. Well played. (Grokked from John Scalzi)

Tweet of my heart: @lizzwinstead "I wanna make America great again" is the new "We're gonna take this country back."

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