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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Linkee-poo for a weekend

Lots of NPR stuff today.

Stephen King on how productivity doesn't have a relationship to quality. So being more productive doesn't mean lower quality and how only producing one or two doesn't mean higher productivity.

"Researcher catches AT&T injecting ads on free airport Wi-Fi hotspot" And they're not the only one. When did "scammer" and "malware" behavior become corporate best practices? (Grokked from John)

The problem with science. A massive effort to test the validity of 100 psychology experiments finds that more than 50 percent of the studies fail to replicate." For the same reasons many "hard" science studies also don't show the same results when repeated. Which they hardly ever are.

The stock market as music composition.

Oh great, now even the spiders are trolling us. Oh Charlotte, we loved you once. (Grokked from Dan)

How do you solve a (information) problem like a big black hole? Well, Professor Hawking has an answer.

Nazi gold. I'm sure this announcement of possibly finding the supposedly lost train of Nazi gold won't cause any mass excoriation of the countryside as people try to find it before the authorities get it in their hands.

"But Bush's comments raise questions about just how much money Planned Parenthood actually gets, what the group does with it, and whether defunding it would actually save taxpayers money." A little face checking (yes it's THAT season again). My take, it's cheap at twice the price.


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

The innovative Integrated Science Program that I was in the first class at Northwestern, tried to get funding for a senior lab course to allow students to try to replicate some classic experiments that have never been repeated. No one was interested in funding it, claiming their money was better used for new work.

Dr. Phil

Steve Buchheit said...

It's been a long standing problem in lots of sciences. We're only beginning to address it with pharmaceutical research (although that's also talking on the problem of not publishing negative studies).