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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Linkee-poo, what else could I write, I don't have the right. What else should I be, all apologies

Have $32K to $40K just floating around and need a retreat on your property (for maybe a writing shed)? The Podzook, or Archipod. Now made in Maine. Wants, but damn there are much cheaper options (like my larger shed which already exists, but is filled with bric-a-brac).

Disney/Lucasfilms release details of Rogue One. As Dan says (form whom this is grokked), "Many Bothans died to bring you this film." Or, as I say, "We call it 'Riding the Gravy Train.'"

Chastity belts started as a joke, then a hoax, and then as sexual fetish objects.

I know (and work with) people who are always wondering just what good NASA, the space program, and government are. Well, here are some NASA posters with how they've improved aviation technology. Your government dollars at work. They also have a general "Parts of an Airplane" poster as well. (Grokked from Ken McConnell)

The EM drive. If it works, a potential for "30kN of thrust for each kilowatt of power dumped into the frustum." Zoom zoom. (Grokked from Dan)

People often ask me, "What music do you listen to?" And then they think I'm blowing them off when I say, "everything except things with 'gangster' or 'death' in the titles." But it's true. Just look at a sampling of the song lyrics I use (which tend heavily toward "Classic Rock", which I know of as "Rock" because I'm damn old now). But I also like a wide range of music from orchestral to Genuine Space Music. So, here's Kacey Musgraves' tiny desk concert. I love her voice and she writes great songs.

Two women (possibly 3) have passed Ranger School training. The last is retaking part of the course (and yes, lots of men have to retake parts of the course).

If only we had science to help tell us if carrying/using a gun in self-defense was actually beneficial. Oh, wait, here it is. "Of over 14,000 incidents in which the victim was present, 127 (0.9%) involved a SDGU (self-defense gun use). SDGU was more common among males, in rural areas, away from home, against male offenders and against offenders with a gun. After any protective action, 4.2% of victims were injured; after SDGU, 4.1% of victims were injured. In property crimes, 55.9% of victims who took protective action lost property, 38.5 of SDGU victims lost property, and 34.9% of victims who used a weapon other than a gun lost property." So, basically, no. I'm sure the NRA will look at the 0.9% and say, "See, we told you more people need to carry more guns!" But then, they're just shills for the gun industry. Their answer for everything is "Buy More Guns!" (Grokked from Morgan J Locke)

Man standing guard over a "muslim-free" gun shop shoots himself accidentally. So much for that "guns don't kill people" line (although this man only hit his wrist and is expected to survive).

Two of the most terrifying words in politics, also the distillation of Orwell's 1984, "I remember." "Yet, (George W. Bush's) deafening silence is indicative of not only his disastrous administration, but the GOP’s attempt to erase him from the country’s memory." History is speaking, G. W. (I also remember his "history will be my judge" comment, although he wasn't as eloquent Tony Blair). It doesn't have nice things to say.

Mickee Huckleberries, not content with mansplaining, is now whiteplaining. These people really have me hoping the Iowa Caucus is coming soon because, damn, they need to cull this herd real quick.

The rich are just like you and me. "A millionaire property developer who used children's gravestones to decorate the historic mansion which inspired All Things Bright and Beautiful has been ordered to pay £300,000… Kim Davies, 60, took tombstones from a derelict chapel and cemented them to the walls of Llanwenarth House in Abergavenny, South Wales…" I admit that I do like walking old cemeteries and that some of those stones are works of art, but seriously WT ever loving F? I mean, there's the perception of the 1% building their fortune by driving their employees into the ground, but it's another thing to decorate your home with their tombstones. (Grokked from BoingBoing)

Tweet of my heart: @RaqiyahMays Notice how we never knew #TrayvonMartin went to Space Camp. how media shapes black boy narratives. #GeorgeZimmerman

Quote of the day: "When you screw up your op-sec, can we refer to that as oops-sec?" - John

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