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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Linkee-poo just wants some shelter

I continued following that link from Justine Larbalestier with William S. Burroughs lecture and damn there's a lot of interesting stuff there.

Homme de Plume: What I learned sending my novel out under a male name. You'll never guess what happened next (click-bait attempt). (Grokked from CC Findlay)

Which makes me wonder, since my real name is Stephen, if people aren't reading it as "Stephanie". Wouldn't be the first time. Stop it Buchheit, this is like "woe is me", your novel and query letter just weren't good enough, get back to writing the next 3 or 4. (This rant brought to you by my own sick mind, I thought about just deleting it, but then figured it might be instructional; guys, while you might think these kinds of thoughts, keep 'em to yourself)

"What Shall I Be: The Exciting Game Of Career Girls". A roundup of really creepy girl's games (all of which were produced in my lifetime). 'Cause I felt you were feeling a little too positive about our societal progression lately. But then, I also remember a time where sexual predation in the workplace wasn't frowned upon (in general) and someone always had a bottle, porn, or both in their desk.

Even when you go to the moon, there are forms to fill out. In triplicate. Because. (Grokked from Dan)

What is it like to land on a comet? Okay, how about this animated gif from Philea. That'll do. (Grokked from Dan)

Random Michelle K points out that waterless towns in California isn't a new thing. In West (by God) Virginia, many towns are left in wrecks when the coal runs out. The mining companies leave the small towns with water systems that are too expensive for them to maintain and operate without the company. "'Those people would get out in the middle of the night older people you know 70 and 80 years old in the middle of the night they’re out digging up a water lines trying to fix a leak. It’s not supposed to be that way in America.'" So taps run dry, and often the residents have to resort to cisterns.

KFCs are installing "bone-phone" tables in their restaurants. Because having your customers with their elbows on the table and hands over their ears is exactly what you want in a restaurant. (Grokked from Dan)

If only this video of an actual illegal act got half as much promotion as the Planned Parenthood video we might actually have a better country. Instead, we're just going to punch down and put 8-year olds in restraints. Because we're Americans.

So, how are things going with that whole "we're gonna watch you, Jade Helm 15" thing going? Oh. Well, certainly no one ever saw that one coming. Now I'm wondering what the Venn Diagram of the large group of patriotic Amerukins who are all upset and willing to stand outside of recruitment centers to protect them soldiers, sailors and marines from people shooting at them, and the large group of patriotic Amerukins who think the idiots who fired on our troops during Jade Helm are "protecting us from tyranny"? (Grokked from Dan)


"North Carolina is not one of the states where the U.S. military training exercise dubbed 'Jade Helm 15' is taking place this summer. Nevertheless, three men from Gaston County were charged with conspiring to arm themselves with illegal explosive devices to combat what they saw as a potential military takeover…"

The whackaloon quotient is sky rocking fast this early in the election.

Woodward County, OK, where people believe in the Bible, and not some fancy out-of-towners. They most certainly don't believe in climate change. Here's the thing about science, it doesn't take your belief to be true. (Grokked from Morgan J Locke)

"With a mix of aggression, boffo self-assertion and nonsense, Trump has managed to boil modern Republicanism down to a hard precipitate form, shorn of the final vestiges of interest in actual governing." Josh Marshall on "teh crazy". (Grokked from Dan)

And so, the time honored GOP practice of dog-whistle/"Oh, I 'misspoke'" (but not really) begins anew. Okay, Jeb, so just what other organizations help low-income women with their health other than Planned Parenthood? I'm waiting for the list. (twiddles thumbs) And since we're counting one person in one video over lunch, not making policy or referencing it, saying something that they never do and not actually being empowered to speak for the organization, you'll accept that they might have misspoke as well, yes? Or we can reference Trump's positions to yours, correct?

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