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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Linkee-poo just watched the tv feed

The updated map of mass shootings since Sandy Hook. Remember Sandy Hook? It was 2012, December. Thinking it may take an article on "Why does Johnny kill?" before things change (like the "Why can't Johnny read?" article before it). (Grokked from Joe Hill)

America wears black so often, other countries are beginning to wonder if we're just that Goth after all.

Only the treacherous expect treachery. Or in this case, those willing to conspire expect and see conspiracies everywhere. (Grokked from Elizabeth Bear)

Everything old is new again. "The high price for beef and substance abuse are behind the surge in livestock theft, and that's putting some ranchers on edge."

Something new has been added. Namely, a new sugar. It's all natural (but I'll be that's not how it's made). Also noted for the handwavium of what exactly happens to this sugar as it travels about the body. But, hey, at least it won't kill you right away.

"Researchers are scrambling to determine what’s behind the death of 30 whales in the Gulf of Alaska as unusually warm ocean temperatures continue to wreak havoc on the region." Currently the death toll is running about 3x normal rates. Nothing to see here, citizen. Move along. (Grokked from Chia Evers)

I wonder what you call China Syndrome when it occurs in Asia? Muon images of Fukashima might indicate the reactor core is not in the building.

And David Duke thinks Trump is the best of the lot. Okay, everybody. Thanks. We're done here. (Grokked from Robert J Bennett)

"Graham said that Trump's views on immigrants and women do not reflect the modern Republican party." I could read that a number of ways, but mostly it boils down to, "Donald has not learned the dog whistles of our tribe." Lyndsey is also saying that Trump is tapping into the "Dark-Side" of the GOP for support. While it would be easy to do the Star Wars men to this (waits patiently for the internet photoshoppers to compose the original Star Wars poster with Trump's face in the place of Darth, Lynsey's in place of Luke and Carly in the place of Leia - yea, try and get that one out of your mind now). But I'ma gonna go a different way. Oh Lyndsey, "There is no dark side of the GOP, really. Matter of fact it's all dark."

From a story about white opposition to renaming a road after Martin Luther King, Jr., "'I’ve never had a racist bone in my body,' said one white resident. 'But if you keep pushing me, I’ll show you my racist ways. Mitch Landrieu can go to hell, praise to lord for Bobby Jindal.'" I don't know how my friends handle this, I just don't have the spoons.

I'm sure it's not about racism. Only, Jorge "Ramos, for the record, is a U.S. citizen." In this day of milksop reporting that relies on "he said, she said" storytelling, his actions seems aggressive and combative. I remember when that was actual reporting.

"Congress' official budget analyst projected Tuesday that this year's federal deficit will drop to $426 billion, the lowest shortfall of Barack Obama's presidency." So much for the "increased and out of control spending" meme the conservatives like to tout. Not that reality will make a difference in their rhetoric.

And what is it with conservatives and loyalty pledges? "The Republican parties in Virginia and North Carolina are both considering forcing candidates to sign a pledge that they will not run as an independent in order to qualify for the GOP primary ballot, according to Politico."

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