What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Linkee-poo has got thirteen channels of shit on the TV to choose from

"Philando Castile's trouble with traffic stops began when he still had his learner's permit. He was stopped a day before his 19th birthday… From there, he descended into a seemingly endless cycle of traffic stops, fines, court appearances, late fees, revocations and reinstatements in various jurisdictions." On how some communities prey on their poor, why POC get stopped so often (note the statistics for the "liminal" areas), and how Philander Castile wasn't inexperienced with cops and knew how to behave.

And all the lefty nerds and wonks shout, "Help us, Jon Stewart, you're our only hope." (Grokked from Maureen Johnson)

And, no, that's not the only Star Wars reference I've made discussing Jon Stewart's (temporary) return to late night. That link is the latest "teaser" for Rogue One.

Oddly enough I was thinking about what happens to lightbulb companies when the bulbs last for years instead of burning out regularly just this week. And here's some evidence that they're building in obsolescence and expanding the scope of what lightbulbs are (going to information gleaning devices to sell your personal data). So now, if you're writing spy thrillers, and you aren't including this in your world building, you're leaving out a huge portion of the world. Pointed to because I'm a big proponent of LED lighting. Yes, I've already had one of mine fail (which had me going "WTF?!" - and, yes, it was one of those $5 specials, actual $2.50 IIRC). But the first couple of bulbs I bought keep burning, even as I've moved them to more hazardous duty (outside lights). (Grokked from Paolo Bacigalupi)

Here's an interesting take on just how the economy is "rigged". The writer blames the myriad regulations regarding licensed professions. Uh, yeah, I don't think this is why the economy is bogged down and keeping the poor poor and the rich rich. As someone who works in one of those regulated industry (radiography) I can tell you there is a very good reason you want that that licensing. And while it may seem strange for "message therapists" being licensed, but you know people have had their bodies fucked up by unlicensed therapists (same with chiropractic). From the outside it looks simple and "anybody can do it". As amateurs, sure. But if you're paying money going to a stranger you want to know that person has some idea what they're doing. As to the difference in relations between states (the nurse practitioner story), I agree. However our government isn't set up in a way to correct this (for RTs, there is a law that encourages states to accept licensing, but they don't have to). Taxi medallions? Yeah, that was to stop rampant kidnapping/robbery and charging outrageous rates. But I point to this as an example of how the culture war has been waged. No, it's not the rich, it's not the well connected, it's those assholes down the street. This is how crabs begin pulling each other back into the bucket instead of helping everyone escape. (Grokked from Robert J Bennett)

"The dab of spicy green paste that accompanies your sushi may go by the name wasabi, but it’s actually something else entirely." Son of a… (Grokked from Dan)

"There are a lot of people suffering from a mental health condition who need therapy. And there are a lot of therapists who want to help them. But both sides believe the insurance companies that are supposed to bring them together are actually keeping them apart." Some inside baseball on becoming a provider and how insurance companies' business practices are responsible for some of the doctor shortages (and long wait times).

"Late Thursday night, Donald Trump asked aides if it was too late for him to back out of his decision to make Indiana Gov. Mike Pence his vice presidential running mate, according to reporters at CNN and NBC News." I'm sure that won't hurt him. Not at all.

Oh, not going to link to the Trump/Pence logo thing. NSFW. Not going to make that joke. Nope, not going to touch it. Except maybe to note that more than likely, just like Trumpsters other endeavors in this realm, it won't last long. (Bad commentator, no cookie) Seriously what brain-dead idiot thought this was a good idea. I know a lot of people bagged on the Hillary logo (with similar visual jokes) but in comparison it was nowhere near as bad. Oh, and I expect to hear "trumpence" about ten thousand times before the first debate.

"Hillary Clinton, they said over and over again, listens." On why the Hillary everyone thinks they know isn't the Hillary that people who have worked with her know. "Clinton’s endorsements left her excoriated as a tool of the establishment while Sanders's speeches left people marveling at his political skills. Thus was her core political strength reframed as a weakness." (Grokked from Janiece)

"Intellectually and emotionally weakened by years of steadily degraded public discourse, we are now two separate ideological countries, LeftLand and RightLand, speaking different languages, the lines between us down. Not only do our two subcountries reason differently; they draw upon non-intersecting data sets and access entirely different mythological systems." The Trumpster's affect on political discourse and how he's the loci of hate. Also on the two worlds Americans live in now and just who is a Trump supporter. (Grokked from Janiece)

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