What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Linkee-poo killed the Tsar and his ministers, Anastasia screamed in vain

So, whatever happened to glam-rock? An NPR story on the Struts. The kids are all right. And just for fun, Could Have Been Me (fuck, it's even good as in indy-rock/unplugged version). Note to self, your inner 17-year old is calling, he wants you back. If that isn't a classic rock anthem, you and me need to have a little confab. Some of those videos may have NSFW images depending on your work place. Need another reason to listen, their breakout was opening for the Stones. #shutupandtakemymoney

I might have to play that every time I sit down in front of the screen and feel the pressure to not write.

The historical rise of the little people, dwarves, pixies and brownies. The persistence of the "two races" theory (long disproved, even more so now with DNA studies). Colonialism and it's attendant racism isn't new. (Grokked from Terri Windling)

How can you predict the lightning? Well, if you live Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, which receives the most lightning strikes in the world, apparently you can because they've worked out the mechanism that produces the Catatumbo Lightning. (Grokked from Kameron Hurley)

Something new has been added. Scientists identify a new beaked whale species, which they have not yet observed alive. Just in case you thought we knew everything.

"After Stephen Colbert did a version of 'The Word' for his 'Late Show' audience, the attorneys at Comedy Central contacted CBS to claim that they own the intellectual property of 'Stephen Colbert,' the character." And then he attacks the problem in typical Stephen Colbert style. Well, the lawyers do need to protect the property of their corporate masters, but this is a good example about how entertainers (and here I include writers) need to protect their IP and be wary when signing contracts and transferring rights. See, you should protect your IP as much as those corporations do. You, of course, probably don't have a team of lawyers or researchers. Kinda sucks to be you (us). (Grokked from Jason Sanford)

"Despite the objection of environmental groups, state environmental regulators voted Tuesday to approve new standards that will increase the amount of cancer-causing toxins allowed in Florida’s rivers and streams under a plan the state says will protect more Floridians than current standards." And if that isn't classic doublethink, I don't know what is. (Grokked from Dan)

The Mendenhall Glacier is shrinking and the Forest Service, which manages the area, is using that as a teaching point about climate change. Of course there is the obligatory interview with someone who doesn't believe climate change is real. Personal note, I was on top of this glacier as a part of my vacation. Even without knowing about climate change it was pretty easy to recognize changes happening to the glacier and that it's shrinking.

Despite the healthcare industry's attempts to keep the data out of public view report cards are finally out. The hospital I work at got 4 out of 5, makes me a little proud. Also, probably means we'll get another t-shirt (we have "uniform" scrubs, but are allowed to wear official t-shirts with scrub pants, so after 2 years my uniform scrubs are getting faded). Although our parent system only got 3 out of 5, so it depends on how much our President has in his budget.

About that Bill O'Reilly perpetrating the long held lie that slavery wasn't so bad, as the slaves that labored on building the White House were "well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government," Abagail Adams would disagree, and she was actually there. (Grokked from Fred Clark)

Trumpster asking Russia, if they're listening, to hack Clinton's email server to find the "deleted 33,000 emails." As a former Cold Warrior, Holy Hopping Jesus Cassidy?! WTF?! His spokespeople, pay no attention to the Russian connection. And that whole DNC email thing is just a false flag operation form the Clinton campaign.

"Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's staff took a cue from Donald Trump's in barring a Washington Post reporter from an event Wednesday in Wisconsin and alerting local police, who patted him down to look for his cell phone, the newspaper reported."

There's a point where you're in the bunker and you start to become paranoid of anything outside that bunker. Bill O'Reilly is in that bunker right now. Why are people violently against Fox News? I don't know, Bill, maybe it has something to do with your network encouraging violence against us for over two decades now. We're fed up with it and realize you have no interest in changing. It kind of sucks when what you've been peddling comes back to bite you. Something about living by the sword here…

Remember when the Trumpster talked about all the great ratings the RNC got, even though they were the lowest for any RNC since 2004? "President Obama's prime time speech lifted the Democratic convention to its third straight night of ratings wins over the Republican convention last week -- and now the Trump campaign is exhorting supporters not to watch the Democrats' final night." Yep, he's getting pantsed in the ratings. "The Democratic ratings advantage has come as something of a surprise, given Donald Trump's reputation as a ratings magnet… Last week he touted the viewership for his Republican convention and predicted that no one would watch the Democrats." Wrong again. But just in case you're looking at the polls worrying about November, "Tuesday night's DNC coverage averaged 24 million, versus 19 million for night two of the RNC." There's a lot of people still not plugged into the election. (Grokked form Dan)

Tweet of my heart: @xeni Welp my feminazi stitch-n-bitch circle is gonna have a lot of patriarchy to harp neurotically about at this week's mani-pedi-vagi #meetup

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