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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Linkee-poo, and none of you stand so tall, Pink moon gonna get ye all

"On Saturday, private spaceflight company Sierra Nevada announced that its Dream Chaser spaceplane had successfully glided and landed on a runway after being released from a helicopter. The stunt, done at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California, is known as a free-flight test and is meant to test out the vehicle’s landing capabilities. It’s an important milestone in the Dream Chaser’s development, as Sierra Nevada readies the plane for spaceflight."

Who needs regulation or local offices for regulators? "To Juan Flores, the phrasing of EPA statements after Harvey felt like a slap in the face. He had been smelling gasoline in his neighborhood for days when the agency told residents there was nothing to worry about."

"A California judge could decide Tuesday if Gloria Single will be reunited with her husband, Bill. She's 83 years old. He's 93. The two have been married for 30 years. They lived in the same nursing home until last March, when Gloria Single was evicted without warning." On nursing home evictions and how seniors have few rights (that are enforced).

"In a Friday interview with the New York Times, McConnell acknowledged that some working families would end up paying higher taxes if their bill passed, contradicting his comments from earlier this week." Some meaning most.

"Tens of thousands of nationalists marched in a demonstration organized by far-right groups in Warsaw Saturday, as Poles celebrated their country’s Independence Day." World-wide fascists.

Britain's politicians begin to panic over Brexit. I love the talk about postponing the Brexit if the deal is only struck at the last moment in an attempt to give Parliament a chance to vote on it. That only works if the opposite side agrees to a postponement. What does the EU have to gain from that? Nothing. And if no deal is worked out, it's not like Brexit halts. Britain has already signaled it's withdraw in 2019. If nothing else happens, they're out as of that date.

"I think that there are people who are really concerned and some groups who are really big on payment reform who are really concerned that Price coming in and putting the brakes on some of these programs and canceling some completely was a sign that he was just going to be protecting doctors' incomes and not wanting to move forward with ways to save money and make them think more about the quality of care they're providing." So much for the Trump administration wanting to slow down cost creep in healthcare.

"Hate crimes rose for the second straight year in 2016, with increases in attacks motivated by bias against blacks, Jews, Muslims and LGBT people, according to FBI statistics released Monday." This is my shocked face.

Why it's important when labeling people "heroes". "Green Beret discovered SEALs’ illicit cash. Then he was killed." By those SEALs, who did a horrible coverup.

"Two former CIA employees are accusing the Trump administration’s choice for CIA chief watchdog of being less than candid when he told Congress he didn’t know about any active whistleblower complaints against him."

"During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump Jr. was in direct contact with WikiLeaks at the same time the muckraking website was publishing hacked emails from Democratic officials that proved damaging to the Clinton campaign, according to several major publications." You know, after the campaign and VP Pence stated there was no contact.

AG Jeff Sessions testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. But hey, they may appoint a special council to investigate Clinton. So Republicans may be happy. You know, until the special council discovers what all the House and Senate committees discovered is that there is no there there.

"Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on Sunday threatened to sue the Washington Post over its report last week on allegations from several women who said Moore pursued relationships with them while they were teenagers." You do that, Roy. And let us know when you file papers, until then you're blowing it out your ass. Also, apparently more women are coming forward.

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday, 'I believe the women' and called on Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama to 'step aside.'" That's gonna leave a mark.

"But according to The New Yorker, back in the eighties, as local DA in his early thirties, Roy Moore was banned from his hometown mall because of cruising the facility for teenage girls." Man, this story has a whole footlocker of shoes just waiting to fall.

If Moore is actually elected, even if the Senate expels him, we are going to be hearing about him for the next 3 years.

"Altogether, under the House bill, around 70 percent of the tax benefits would initially flow to people earning six figures or more per year (or about 23 percent of tax filers), according to an NPR analysis of figures from the nonpartisan congressional Joint Committee on Taxation." And then the benefits to the middle-class would phase out. So guess which side of the charts I expect to be on. And again, all the so called "benefits", even the moderate plans, are based on overly optimistic economic growth. Look, for the past two decades corporations have been squirreling money away. Many of the largest have huge war chests, and they're just sitting on that cash. If companies having more money actually equaled higher job growth we'd all have our choice of jobs and the companies would be publicly begging to increase immigration (privately many are encouraging expansion of H1b visas and other work permits).

"Fox News host Sean Hannity cheered on his fans on Sunday night as they published videos of themselves smashing their Keurig coffee makers due to the company’s boycott of Hannity’s show." Supposedly this offends us lefties. Hahahahaha. For them saying that Keurigs are crap, an awful lot of ditto heads own them. And then Sean was going to buy 500 of them to give away (I'm assuming for them to also be destroyed). Yep, that'll show Keurig. But another 500, Sean. Just to make sure you hurt them where it counts.

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